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VC3 Services

VC3 is a dynamic IT services organization that has spent the last decade delivering customer-oriented solutions to both the commercial and public sectors.

Disaster Recovery

If a disaster strikes, can you continue to serve your customers?

VC3 worked with the Municipal Association of South Carolina and the North Carolina League of Municipalities to develop a Disaster Recovery solution that ensures the systems critical to your daily operations are accessible giving you the ability to continue providing services to your customers when a disaster strikes.

VC3's Disaster Recovery Solution includes:

  • Remote access to your critical systems in as little as 24 hours.
  • State-of-the-art encryption that ensures the security of your data.
  • Servers can be restored in a remote data center following a disaster.
  • Initial testing of your recovery process.
  • Support for AS/400 systems.
  • Full Cloud Backup solution available.

Virtual Office Advantage

A major component of any disaster recovery plan is ensuring your key employees are able to work from an alternate location in the event of a disaster.

With Virtual Office Advantage your employees can simply log on to their desktops from anywhere with an internet connection using a PC, laptop, thin client or smart phone. Virtual Office Advantage is a hosted desktop solution that behaves like a regular desktop PC, but the PC’s software, data and operating systems are housed in our PCI compliant secure data center.

In the event of a disaster, your employees have immediate access to their desktops from another location, be it their home, a temporary office or even a coffee shop.

"With Virtual Office Advantage, if there is an emergency, all our employees need are a computer with an internet connection and they have full access to their work environment and all of their data."

Susan Hiscocks, Finance Director, Town of Butner