Application Development

Eliminate redundant tasks,
reduce human error,
ensure data integrity, and
integrate software systems.

Organizations turn to VC3 for
Application Development
when they...

Custom Application Development

Require custom software applications and solutions to meet their specific business needs.

Application Development SharePoint

Need a partner who understands SharePoint, Salesforce, AWS, and more.

Application Development Business Efficiencies

Need a partner to improve efficiencies as business processes change over time.

Application Development Fit

Have a current software need but aren’t sure if they need a custom-built solution or a solution that’s already on the market.

The capacity, skill set, and experience to help you AIM higher.

Fast Development + Deployment

We tailor our development process to your project, allowing us to deliver enterprise-level applications quickly and efficiently.

Capable, Responsive Support

Our 24/7/365 North American-based service desk is there to help with your technical issues, questions, and more.

Practical Innovation + Costs

We create your custom application using an efficient process that keeps costs low and quality high.

Technical Expertise

Our team of developers is devoted to maintaining a high level of expertise in the latest technologies and development practices.

Customized Acceptance Testing

We evaluate your application in real business scenarios to ensure it meets your unique requirements, allowing for refinement and quality assurance.

Long-Term Partnerships

VC3 is here after your application launches to help you improve efficiencies as business processes change over time.

VC3 gets IT
out of sight, out of mind, and out of your way.

1,100+ municipalities and 700+ businesses turn to VC3 to get out of the IT trenches and back to working on what matters.

96% Customer Satisfaction


from a Team of 100% North American-Based Experts


Average Relationship Tenure

450+ Employees

98% of which are technical

"A reduction in the number and frequency of problems."

“Over the past few years, we have transitioned all of our IT functions to VC3 and found their service and pricing to be outstanding. They understand the local government market, and have served us well. We use them for disaster recovery service, systems maintenance, proactive support, and now for phone service. When we switched to VC3 from using a local IT vendor, we not only saw a reduction in the number and frequency of problems, we also saw improved response to service requests.”

▸ Town of River Bend, NC

Let’s talk about how VC3 can help you

AIM higher.

Let’s talk

about how VC3

can help you

AIM Higher.