The Cloud Helps Cities Fend Off Cyber Threats and Reduce Liability


For many years, we’ve written blog posts about why cities should consider the cloud, and we’ve helped cities transition from on-premise hardware to the cloud. While a few rare situations may not apply, the cloud is generally a great option to help fend off cyberattacks and reduce liability in case a cyberattack occurs. So how does cloud technology help with your cybersecurity and liability? Here are five ways.

What Is Cloud Computing and 5 Reasons Why It’s the Future

A graphic of a cloud with arrows pointing up and down

What if you could pay only for what you need when you want it? That’d be pretty nice, right? That’s the power cloud computing can bring to your organization. Cloud Computing’s Technical Definition Cloud computing utilizes off-site third-party resources to deliver computing services like applications, servers, and storage. But, What Is the Cloud? Think of […]

6 Things You Need to Know About Unlimited Data Storage

Unlimited data storage. This is a phrase used (and abused) by many IT vendors. When the phrase gets tossed around without much context or nuance, towns and cities might think that low-cost options exist providing infinite storage for any data. But there are complex parameters around how the concept of unlimited storage works that towns and cities need to consider when evaluating solutions. By evaluating these solutions in the right way, towns and cities can discover some powerful options that help with data storage, data backup, and disaster recovery. Let’s look more closely at the complexities of unlimited storage.

Which is the Better Cloud Office Suite: Microsoft 365 vs G-Suite

Background shows a cloud with up and down arrows with text on top reading Microsoft 365 vs G-Suite

The battle between Microsoft 365 and Google’s G-Suite has been brewing for a while but has picked up in recent years. Both continue to add new features and functionality as they compete for users. Google’s G-Suite may have an edge in market-share across the board, but many businesses and governments still run on Microsoft platforms. […]

Is Your IT Ready to Support Remote Work? 4 Questions to Ask

Female working from home office on a laptop

Your organization may be asking itself a question it’s never asked before: what do we do if our employees need to work remotely? Some organizations may already have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place that promotes business continuity. However, many do not. The rising impact of Coronavirus is forcing organizations to explore and test Business […]

Cloud Storage: The Safest Place for Your Data Backup


Like many technologies, cloud storage can be considered a tool—one of many tools that can help cities reduce risk, save money, and become more productive. In this post, we provide some benefits about cloud storage that will help you in your research and evaluation of data backup solutions.

Getting Iced Out: How severe winter weather affects your business

We often find ourselves taking for granted one of the many benefits of working for a cloud aggregator. During the Deep Freeze of 2014, people across the country were affected by one of the coldest Arctic outbreaks of the past two decades. Here in the South, we are dumbfounded when something like that hits, especially […]

Traditional MSP Crosses the Line in Cloud Services

Source: Redmond Channel Partner by Barb Levisay Traditional MSP Crosses the Line in Cloud Services Many traditional managed service providers (MSPs) are still finding their place in the cloud, but others have made significant progress. As the cloud becomes mainstream, how are regional MSPs faring? One regional MSP serving the Carolinas and Georgia, VC3 Inc., was […]

Sumter Moves to the Cloud

Source: Municipal Assocation of South Carolina’s Uptown Publication Sumter officials have faced the same ongoing budget constraints as many communities because of the weak economy coupled with increased demands for city services. In 2012, Sumter made the strategic decision to move to a private cloud hosted desktop solution for its IT services as one way to […]

Unlimited Data Storage: How Is It Possible?

When we recently started offering unlimited data storage as part of IT in a Box, some cities asked us how this was possible. After all, data must reside somewhere and take up finite space. How can it make sense from a business standpoint to offer unlimited storage?