04 Nov: The Cloud Helps Cities Fend Off Cyber Threats and Reduce Liability

Reading Time: 4 minutes For many years, we’ve written blog posts about why cities should consider the cloud, and we’ve helped cities transition from on-premise hardware to the cloud. While a few rare situations may not apply, the cloud is generally a great option to help fend off cyberattacks and reduce liability in case a cyberattack occurs. So how does cloud technology help with your cybersecurity and liability? Here are five ways.

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05 Aug: Breaking Down a Sophisticated Phishing Email: 4 Advanced Warning Signs

Reading Time: 4 minutes During the COVID-19 pandemic, scammers are using fear and taking advantage of people working from home to attempt more aggressive and tricky phishing attacks. Unfortunately, many people get tricked by such phishing emails because they look legitimate and seem to provide interesting, useful, and timely information. Let’s look at the advanced warning signs in such a phishing email scam.