4 Ways for Police Departments to Lower Body Camera Video Storage and Archiving Cost

Municipalities are capturing greater amounts of squad car video and enormous amounts of body camera video footage. Because of greater public safety scrutiny, more sophisticated body camera technology, and new laws passed each year holding towns and cities accountable for retaining this footage, municipalities are understandably growing more worried and concerned about their video archiving […]

Data Backup Best Practices for a City Disaster

Over the years, we’ve written a great deal about data backup and disaster recovery best practices. Yet, stories are often an impactful way to understand the importance of a solid data backup and disaster recovery strategy for a city. In this guide, you will: Read about 6 realistic disaster scenarios that could happen to your […]

Why Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Need Separate Plans—and Separation from Each Other

Data backup and disaster recovery are more important than ever to municipalities. In addition to traditional disasters such as fire, flooding, tornadoes, and hurricanes, ransomware has now become a devastating modern disaster for municipalities across the United States. When a disaster hits, permanent data loss is often not close behind if a town or city […]

Are Data Backups and Data Archiving the Same? No—and You Need Both!

Imagine you’re in charge of a library and someone asks for a book from your archives. You may go into a room closed off from the general public that keeps historical records for preservation. There, you can find records that go back many decades or even centuries. One day, the library burns down. A library […]

You Say You Want Data Backup, But Do You Really Mean It?

View of multiple servers

“Of course, I want to back up my data! I don’t want to lose any data.” This is essentially the sentiment we hear from towns and cities. It’s rare when a municipality flat out shows a complete lack of interest in backing up their data. So that’s not the problem. The problem we see is when towns and cities know they need to follow specific best practices related to data […]

Four Devastating Things that Happen to Towns and Cities with Uncertain Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

City hall building with a sign above entrance

Data backup may be the most important technology component for a municipality. Yet, many towns and cities still operate day-to-day with a great deal of uncertainty around their data backup and disaster recovery plans. If cities remain uncertain about their ability to recover data after an incident or disaster, then they open themselves up to big, big risks and consequences that can […]

5 Unexpected Yet Common Data Backup Obstacles

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Many organizations have some type of data backup and disaster recovery solution in place—but they believe that fact alone checks this task off their list. But these organizations often run into obstacles that limit their ability to effectively back up their data and recover it after an incident or a disaster.  Let’s look at five unexpected yet common obstacles that organizations can assess to see if their data backup and disaster recovery […]

6 Things You Need to Know About Unlimited Data Storage

Unlimited data storage. This is a phrase used (and abused) by many IT vendors. When the phrase gets tossed around without much context or nuance, towns and cities might think that low-cost options exist providing infinite storage for any data. But there are complex parameters around how the concept of unlimited storage works that towns and cities need to consider when evaluating solutions. By evaluating these solutions in the right way, towns and cities can discover some powerful options that help with data storage, data backup, and disaster recovery. Let’s look more closely at the complexities of unlimited storage.

Four Reasons You Need Data Backups

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Data loss can happen at any time and you don’t want to be caught unprepared. Thankfully, many organizations today recognize the importance of backing up data. But a problem remains. Data loss incidents have grown more complex and many backup solutions aren’t keeping up. To make matters worse, it can be hard to know if […]