14 Oct: 6 Things You Need to Know About Unlimited Data Storage

Reading Time: 5 minutes Unlimited data storage. This is a phrase used (and abused) by many IT vendors. When the phrase gets tossed around without much context or nuance, towns and cities might think that low-cost options exist providing infinite storage for any data. But there are complex parameters around how the concept of unlimited storage works that towns and cities need to consider when evaluating solutions. By evaluating these solutions in the right way, towns and cities can discover some powerful options that help with data storage, data backup, and disaster recovery. Let’s look more closely at the complexities of unlimited storage.


17 Jun: Technology Helps You with Business Continuity During the Coronavirus Crisis

Reading Time: 4 minutes Disruption. That word is an understatement when we talk about what municipalities have experienced over the last few months. As employees work from home for extended periods of time, your business continuity can become impacted by this disruption. Depending on the strength of your IT infrastructure, tools, and support, you will adapt to this disruption smoothly or…not so smoothly. If you’re having a rough ride so far, then ask yourself these 5 questions.

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08 Apr: 5 Data Backup Statistics That Should Concern Municipalities

Reading Time: 4 minutes Most municipalities would admit they need to back up their data. Thankfully, we find that municipalities usually have something in place. But that “something” leads them to a false sense of security. Many data backup implementations are not reliable and end up failing when municipalities need to restore data after an incident or disaster. We’re sharing five different data backup statistics to alert municipalities that assume they have an appropriate solution in place.