Using IT to Drive Efficiency: Statistics and Insights for Businesses

Using IT to Drive Efficiency

IT efficiency might sound like a vague term. However, the following problems are not vague at all. Your organization takes too long to recover from a cyberattack. You lack the ability to restore data after it’s lost or corrupted. You fail to maintain business continuity due to technology disruptions. You lose customers from the effects […]

IT Budget Template

This template helps organizations create 5-year IT budgets for everything from their technology priorities to recurring expenses. Download the Guide

What the Heck Is IT Alignment?

IT alignment is one of those overused terms in the information technology world. When a small or midsize business hears that term, they might scoff, shake their head, and move on to a less technical-sounding problem. But IT alignment is necessary. You invest in IT. What is that investment doing? Helping you? Or hindering you? […]

A Guide to Municipal IT Budget Planning

Information technology is a critical part of a municipality’s annual spending. It’s important for towns and cities to flesh out a fairly detailed IT budget to help uncover inefficiencies, save money, and better execute operational goals. While you don’t necessarily have to create an extremely detailed IT budget, there are certain components that should be […]

Pandemic IT Helpdesk Challenges and How We Solved Them

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Currently, the Delta variant continues to ravage the United States while about half the population is vaccinated, returning to offices, and resuming many normal activities. Even while we navigate these uncertain, confusing times, it’s clear the pandemic changed the way we work and continues to affect workplaces. According to a CNBC article, “Recent polling of […]

Don’t Get Held Hostage: Keeping Control Over Your Data

It’s a business nightmare that we’ve actually seen quite a few times. A business locked out of a server containing important documents. A cloud application giving a business no visibility into data security or compliance. A website hosting provider going radio silent when a business needs to access the website’s backend. Control over your data […]

7 Benefits of a Technology Partnership

Municipalities, especially smaller municipalities, can often feel left behind with information technology. It’s understandable. With constrained budgets limiting the ability to hire expensive IT professionals, municipalities can struggle to maintain computers, internet connectivity, wi-fi, and email. Because municipal staff are so strapped for time, they often let essentials such as antivirus software, data backup, and […]

Building the Right IT Strategy to Comply with HIPAA’s Technical Safeguards

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This year is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’s (HIPAA) 25th anniversary. It’s probably not an anniversary you’re excited about celebrating, especially because this law has grown stricter and more punitive since its passing. Many healthcare organizations still scramble to keep up with evolving security, privacy, and regulatory requirements—all to avoid breaches of patient […]