How Should Municipalities Approach Archiving Social Media Content?

Does this sound familiar? You open your inbox and see a message from a vendor offering to archive your municipality’s social media content–for a price. If you’ve been getting multiple messages from different social media archiving vendors, you’re not alone. We’ve heard from several municipalities with concerns about records management for their social media accounts, […]

IRS Publication 4557: A VC3 Guide

After discussions about these requirements, we often get the question, “How can VC3 help?” We created this guide to specifically outline: Where VC3 can help you meet a requirement Where both you and VC3 must meet the requirement together (usually a combination of technology and policy) Where you must meet the requirement (usually a non-technical […]

Countering Common Objections to Dark Web Monitoring

If you read cybersecurity articles in trade publications, you will see mixed messaging around the value of dark web monitoring. Obviously, many vendors and thought leaders enthusiastically push the idea of dark web monitoring—especially if they sell products related to it. But the objections some in a few flavors that need addressing: “By the time […]

5 Areas Where Information Technology Can Improve Compliance

Compliance. One of those necessary operational activities that you know is working when nothing bad happens. When compliance doesn’t work, you open the door to significant risk. Maybe you violated open records laws and risk a lawsuit after an inability to respond quickly. Maybe an employee opened a spam email and hackers gained access to […]

Protecting Your Electronic “Building” Leads to Compliance

Before we start talking technology, let’s instead consider the security of your municipal buildings. Many years ago, it’s likely that your security would consist of a few physical keys and locks, some window locks, and maybe a security guard if you were lucky. In a mostly paper-based world, that level of security worked.  Today, that level of security is often not reassuring enough. Instead, we see security systems, […]

Building the Right IT Strategy to Comply with HIPAA’s Technical Safeguards

Doctor holding cellphone

This year is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’s (HIPAA) 25th anniversary. It’s probably not an anniversary you’re excited about celebrating, especially because this law has grown stricter and more punitive since its passing. Many healthcare organizations still scramble to keep up with evolving security, privacy, and regulatory requirements—all to avoid breaches of patient […]

Behind the Rise of ADA-Compliance Lawsuits and What Cities Can Do

Person using laptop

The nation has seen a spike in ADA-compliance lawsuits that include the targeting of municipalities. These lawsuits have become so numerous that municipalities fear getting hit with a lawsuit. To give a brief overview of this situation, we’ve answered a few of your most common questions below and then provided additional resources if you want to learn more.