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02 Sep: As Working from Home Becomes the New Normal, an IT Helpdesk Is Crucial for Municipal Employees

Reading Time: 4 minutes For many municipalities, having employees working from home is a major cultural and technical shift that may last much longer than the pandemic. Whether thinking about the short-term or long-term impact, working from home requires a strong IT helpdesk. What qualities will you need in an IT helpdesk to make sure that working from home is as seamless an experience for employees as possible—especially if it’s the “new normal”?


17 Jun: Technology Helps You with Business Continuity During the Coronavirus Crisis

Reading Time: 4 minutes Disruption. That word is an understatement when we talk about what municipalities have experienced over the last few months. As employees work from home for extended periods of time, your business continuity can become impacted by this disruption. Depending on the strength of your IT infrastructure, tools, and support, you will adapt to this disruption smoothly or…not so smoothly. If you’re having a rough ride so far, then ask yourself these 5 questions.

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06 May: 6 Cyber Risks That Your Municipal Employees Face Working Remotely—and How to Address Those Risks

Reading Time: 4 minutes If people are not used to working remotely and you’re not used to supporting remote workers, you may not realize that various security vulnerabilities exist that don’t necessarily appear at the office. Teleworking introduces increased cybersecurity risks as employees work from home with their personal computers. Here are some areas you need to assess.

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29 Apr: Video Conferencing Safety, Security, Tips, and Best Practices

Reading Time: 4 minutes While some tech-savvy people might take naturally to video conferencing, many employees might be struggling with this technology. Video conferencing can really help your municipal operations during this crisis, but you want to make sure it’s safe, secure, and easy for employees to use. Let’s look at several components of video conferencing that will help your employees.