Using IT to Drive Efficiency: Statistics and Insights for Businesses

Using IT to Drive Efficiency

IT efficiency might sound like a vague term. However, the following problems are not vague at all. Your organization takes too long to recover from a cyberattack. You lack the ability to restore data after it’s lost or corrupted. You fail to maintain business continuity due to technology disruptions. You lose customers from the effects […]

Remote Work: Here to Stay, Here to Grow

Believe it or not, remote work existed long before COVID-19. However, limited technology, the gradual development of the internet, and long-ingrained cultural work habits meant remote work was more of a luxury than a necessity for decades. Flash forward to today and remote work is no longer a luxury: it’s a preferred way of working […]

How to Get Real Time Management Metrics Without Spreadsheets

Laptop showing data visualization on screen

Many small and medium-sized businesses still primarily use spreadsheets to track KPIs and report on complex metrics. If all this data lives in spreadsheets, it can be troublesome to update, share, and visualize. However, many businesses settle for spreadsheets—as the idea of real-time management metrics remains a fantasy and something that only bigger businesses can pull off.  A tool such as Microsoft’s Power BI gives businesses data visualization capabilities that were previously out of […]

5 Startling Reasons Why We Won’t Miss Pandemic Videoconferencing

Zoom meeting on computer screen with coffee mug to left

As the pandemic dies down, more people get vaccinated, and social distancing mandates lift, we will find ourselves returning to normal. That means returning to the office, returning to meetings, and returning to business and social events. That also means lessening the amount of time we spend videoconferencing. Why is that such a relief? Before […]

5 Unexpected Yet Common Data Backup Obstacles

Modern looking server rack

Many organizations have some type of data backup and disaster recovery solution in place—but they believe that fact alone checks this task off their list. But these organizations often run into obstacles that limit their ability to effectively back up their data and recover it after an incident or a disaster.  Let’s look at five unexpected yet common obstacles that organizations can assess to see if their data backup and disaster recovery […]

A Guide on How to Stream Council Meetings

A young man speaking into a microphone

You’ve been tasked to video stream a council meeting. At first, it seems like an easy problem. Everyone uses popular platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom to host online meetings. However, once you begin the process, questions pop up: Do I need a camera for each council member? Do I need a microphone for each […]