A Guide to IT Vendor Management and How It Saves Money for Cities

One of the biggest demands that we see in towns and cities is a need for ongoing vendor management. From getting on the phone with a software vendor to resolve technical issues to helping cities purchase computers, vendor management ensures that technology vendors are providing you the exact services you need for a fair price—without […]

More Vendors, More Problems

When cities and towns use too many different technology vendors, too many problems happen. One of our customers talked to us about what it was like before we started working with their city. They previously contracted individual vendors for: Troubleshooting Data backup and disaster recovery Document solutions Email Website hosting Telecom auditing Product management Add […]

Combating IT Vendor Frustration for Towns and Cities

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Information technology is already hard enough to manage, and its cost and complexity make it one of the most important investments for a municipality to manage. Unfortunately, managing multiple IT vendors turns this already difficult situation into a nightmare. City managers and clerks often tell us about the difficulty of calling in for software support. […]

5 Ways Vendor Management Goes Wrong at Cities

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City staff saddled with vendor management duties end up having many problems when they are left to resolve issues themselves. Here are a few common issues that can be avoided with experienced vendor management help.

Auburn, Georgia’s Police Chief Carl Moulder and Lt. Chris Hodge Talk Body Camera Technology

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After struggling with technological limitations related to in-car cameras for many years, the City of Auburn moved to body cameras in 2013. However, the city’s body camera video technology introduced new problems such as where to store all that data and the expense related to that storage. In this Q&A, Auburn, Georgia’s Police Chief Carl Moulder and Lt. Chris Hodge talk about these technology challenges and how Sophicity’s vendor management (which is part of IT in a Box) helped them resolve these issues.

Procurement Tips to Reduce IT Costs

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Advances in technology and Internet functionality have lowered the costs of what used to make websites so expensive. By examining each piece of your website, you might find some opportunities to save significant money.