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The City of Valdosta

Named one of America’s Friendliest Cities by Rand McNally, the City of Valdosta, Georgia is vibrant, scenic, and full of southern charm.

Having launched its first website in 1998, Valdosta was one of the first local governments in its area with a comprehensive online presence. Many of its citizens relied on the website for a variety of resources, including job applications and council meeting agendas. By 2015, however, the site had gone almost eight years without an upgrade, and the city sought VC3’s assistance to once again make it an efficient resource for its citizens.

To breathe some new life into the site, VC3 first focused on creating a fresh design that’s modern and easy to navigate. In addition to having a clean new look, the layout is fully responsive and looks great on any device. Behind the scenes, an updated content management system makes the site easy to use and maintain – it also comes chock full with seamless integrations, like Google Maps and Flickr slideshows. Among the integrations is a software tool that allows the city to easily create and embed forms onto their site. Anything from parade permits to speaker request forms are now available to fill out and submit directly from each webpage – no downloading, printing, or emailing required.

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From beginning to end, online forms also played an important role in the overall process of building the new site. Citizens were encouraged to provide their feedback about the site via an online survey, where they could voice their opinions on what the old site was missing. By gathering information from the site’s most frequent users, VC3 discovered which features were absolutely essential; such as the “Report a Concern” button, which allows citizens to alert the city to non-emergency issues from their computers as well as their mobile devices.

VC3 has made it easier than ever for our local government to serve our citizens by providing us with modern web tools and a team of talented and courteous professionals. Our website has integrity and purpose and is utilized by staff and citizens alike for most public information and service needs. Thank you, VC3! You rock!

Sementha Mathews, Public Information Officer for Valdosta, GA