Online Forms for Local Government

Get rid of your paper processes and PDF forms. We help local governments publish web-based forms and collect data online.

From registration forms and permits to surveys and applications, streamline your processes and allow your citizens to securely fill out and submit your forms online.

Our managed local government forms solution includes:

Our managed local government forms solution includes:

  • Payment
    Easily and securely collect payment on any form through our integrations with PayPal and Stripe.
  • Notifications
    Notify relevant staff whenever new submissions are received.
  • Document Generation
    Automatically create professional PDF or Word documents from your entry data.
  • Electronic Signatures
    No more paper. Collect signatures on every form and on any device.
  • Unlimited Technical Support
    Contact our service desk when changes are needed or when questions arise.
  • Save & Resume
    Allow your citizens to pick up right where they left off by saving their progress on partially completed form responses.
  • Advanced Calculations & Logic
    Guide your citizens through the process of filling out your forms by only showing them the relevant questions, requiring the right information, and automatically calculating the amount due.
  • Embed on your Own Website
    Your citizens never have to leave your website when you seamlessly embed your forms.
  • Ready for Mobile
    Any mobile phone, any tablet, any computer – your forms will look awesome on any device.

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