IT Director - multiple customers

Posted by Jill Menhart 08/18/2017

Raleigh, NC

Are you an IT management professional with an entrepreneurial spirit?   Check out our opening for a IT Director with our North Carolina Team.  This position will be based out of our Raleigh, NC office. IT Directors for VC3 (internally referred to as Virtual Chief Information Officers / VCIOs) act in the capacity of a part-time IT Director for multiple managed services customers simultaneously.  This full-time, permanent position will determine the technology required to meet the strategic, long-term goals by building and presenting business justifications.  IT Directors manage all functions of VC3’s select municipal customers’ information technology departments.   These functions include ensuring proper functioning of management information systems, overseeing upgrades, ensuring proper QA testing, verifying documentation of policies and procedures.  In addition this position will identify, recommend, develop and support IT solutions. You will work with our Project Management department on large deployments and manage small infrastructure projects with your team.  Our training and transition program typically lasts three to six months.  During this time you will work with all departments to help ensure your success once you are leading your own team. 

Here are the position responsibilities:

  • Work closely with Project Managers, Account Executives, other VCIOs, Systems Engineers, and Infrastructure engineers.
  • Evaluate current IT Infrastructure and identify technologies to improve security, scalability, and reliability of the overall environment through IT assessments and business process analysis.
  • Provide leadership for technology infrastructure projects in WAN/LAN, IP telephony, networking, Windows Server, etc.
  • Ensure highly reliable and available infrastructure to support the business/clients.
  • Manage, prioritize, and support IT department initiatives and goals; including budgeting.
  • Communicate and present findings on various business aspects of IT to Executives.
  • Start and maintain productive IT Steering Committees.
  • Review and evaluate emerging technologies for practical application.
  • Monitor metrics to measure performance and availability; and design and implement necessary improvements.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, best practices, and policies and procedures.
  • Utilize professional project management methodologies to ensure projects are delivered on schedule and budget.

These are the requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Business or related field.
  • Minimum of 5 years in IT field with at least 2 years as an IT Manager/Director.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively manage projects and deliver on commitments.
  • Build and present business justifications for IT projects.
  • Ability to multi-task between enterprise initiatives and routine IT operations.
  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to handle numerous tasks simultaneously; with a great attention to detail, and a sense of urgency without compromising quality.
  • Ability to provide high level strategic consulting to clients.

The following aren’t required, but are highly desirable:

  • Experience working with local government entities
  • Experience developing client proposals
  • Connectwise, Labtech, PRTG, Excel, Citrix and QuoteWerks experience

And, here is some other info:

  • Travel Requirements: Regular day travel and some overnight travel is a requirement of this position.
  • Work Schedule: Must be able to periodically work after hours and on weekends.
  • Applicant selected will be subject to department of motor vehicles, credit, and criminal background checks, including meeting eligibility requirements for access to classified information.    
  • VC3 offers a great benefits package!


What do our employees like best about working at VC3?  We'll let them tell you:


"Casual dress code, flexible hours."

"Casual dress code, laid back atmosphere, approachable management team."

"Corporate culture."

"Dress code is relaxed.
Has company outings that encourage time together.
Willingness in employees to help each other with issues and learning.
Always opportunities to learn new skills.
Good communication across the company...from company meetings where business growth is looked at to team members working together on a project."

"Every company says they value their people. This company really acts like their people are their most valuable asset."

"Everyone is so ready to teach you anything you want to learn and more than helpful in other aspects. There is a lot of collaboration and great team unity."

"Friendly team members, transparent finances and leadership goals."

"Has a fun environment that promotes teamwork. Plenty of after hour activities to facilitate team building."

"Hires for cultural fit. Minimal politics which leads to open and honest communication. Frequent collaboration. A cultural desire to improve."

"I could go on and on about how I love this company, but since I'm limited to only 450 characters (sigh)...
Open Door Policy - I like the fact that everyone, on every level in EVERY dept is approachable.
My needs - within in my team, I can be open and honest about what I need from my chain of command so I can exceed. They absorb what I say and make those efforts.
The People - I work with AWESOME people on a day to day basis."

"I feel like there is an open environment to discuss issues with your supervisor. I feel like the company wants people to enjoy their work and their time spent at work."

"I think the work we do is easily connected to the success of our customers, and - in my group at least - we have control over how and when we deliver value to customers. Plus, we are encouraged to create and develop our work culture and develop strong working relationships where we have fun together."

"It offers a wide array of challenges and experiences, which enable professional growth."

"Lots of opportunity to learn new things, Foosball, Company Events like baseball game.
The team atmosphere here is unlike any I've ever seen. Everyone is willing to help everyone and work on anything. This quality shines through the most when there is more work to do than people available to do it."

"Management is very much a part of the team, very approachable, good at listening, and very customer focused."

"Not micro manage. Open to creativity. Hires people that are good to work with. Has fun outside of office. Flexible hours. Bonuses. Steady stream of free food."

"Open and friendly atmosphere with above average communication."

"People are treated fairly. Organizational structure and hierarchies are limited and adjusted regularly. There is adequate transparency in communication."

"Recognizes hard work and effort. Never an issue with taking time off or working remotely when needed. Very open about the status and future of the company."

"Team Building and Team Outings that also will include family. The work environment is modern."

"The corporate culture and environment is fun enough to balance out the stress of what the engineers have to do. Being on a team with extremely low turnover is very encouraging as well, as everyone has a good working relationship with each other and that solidifies the work we do."

"The culture at VC3 is second to none and the employees and superiors encourage growth within the company."

The management of the company is excellent for the most part.
Company strives to maintain an open door policy.
Management interacts with the teams on a regular basis.
Benefits for a company this size are good.
Work schedule is somewhat flexible.

"The overall attitude of the office is light-hearted. Everyone understands and executes on what needs to be done to the point where the need for accountability is minimal. That means a lot."

"The people are great and the staff is super sharp. We are always looking to grow and improve our product offerings."

"There are a ton of factors. The people that are hired all fit the culture. Everyone generally gets along and can work as a team. This makes work enjoyable. Upper management is very intelligent and instill confidence in me by making very smart decisions on the company's direction. Management treats employees very fairly and with respect. Work/life balance is respected here. They also are good at adjusting pay when it is warranted."

"They have an emphasis on growth and hard work. They reward hard work consistently and fairly. They understand employee morale and focus intently on keeping their workplace happy."

"They honestly listen to your suggestions and welcome your questions."

"There are a ton of factors. The people that are hired all fit the culture. Everyone generally gets along and can work as a team. This makes work enjoyable. Upper management is very intelligent and instill confidence in me by making very smart decisions on the company's direction. Management treats employees very fairly and with respect. Work/life balance is respected here. They also are good at adjusting pay when it is warranted."

"This company is very open with their plan moving forward, finances, and even failures. The profit sharing program that we get quarterly is the best way for a company to show how much they appreciate the work of their employees. Every person here is someone I enjoy working with, which is incredibly difficult to achieve. Pay is more than fair, especially when a lot of MSPs are underpaying their people because they know they can hire someone else."

"This organization cares about the growth of the employee as much as the product."

"VC3 is all about working hard and having fun. I am surrounded by brilliant individuals that would do anything to help me...this includes the executive team, peers, engineers, etc."

"VC3 promotes a very motivated work environment through reasonable compensation packages, a relaxing and fun work place and encourages a strong work life balance for it's employees."

"We have lots of team building activities, shared meals, and meetings that encourage input from everyone."

"While everyone does have a large load of work, we are still able make time for team activities where everyone is given a chance to relax and have fun together. I also enjoy the laid back environment of the company. I have worked for other employers that enforced very strict work environments and I feel that is counter productive."

"Work hard, play hard. Public acknowledgement of kudos. Financial reporting to entire organization."