IT in a Box provides you a modern, custom-designed website that looks good and delivers the information your citizens need. Have as many city pages as you want including pages for city hall, public safety, parks and recreation, news, and events. Our website also features the ability to offer online payments and offers a user-friendly backend system so that you can add and update website information yourself. Or if you want, submit your website updates to us and we will post them for you.

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When someone is interested in learning about your town or city, visiting your community, or doing business in your community, where is the first place they will go? Your website. And if your website doesn’t reflect your community well, what will they do?

Just like a city hall building is the face of a city, the same is true of a website on the Internet.

Do you keep your city hall looking good, or do you let it get dirty, unkept, and damaged?

While most cities would never let their city hall look awful, they, unfortunately, let their websites look awful. Yet, more people are probably looking at your website than your city hall building.

You don’t need an expensive web design budget to update the look and feel of your website.

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ALM’s, AML’s, CCM’s, GMA’s, Iowa League’s, and KLC’s technology solution for Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, and Kentucky towns & cities.


Comprehensive technology products and services — from a new website to data backup — tailored to the unique needs of municipalities.


Priced for towns & cities — from the smallest to the largest — with a predictable, flat monthly fee.

Website Features

A new, modern, fresh, customized design

Many cities suffer online with an old, obsolete looking website that may work poorly. We can quickly provide you a fresh, modern look while still providing all the information you want to communicate to citizens.

Our website designers and developers will work with you to come up with a look and feel that’s unique for your city.

Unlimited webpages

Have as many pages as you want. There’s no limit. We’ll start with a few ready-to-go pages for common municipal information and services such as:

  • News
  • Events (including a calendar)
  • City Hall
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Planning and Development
  • Municipal Court
  • Public Safety
  • Public Works
  • Mayor and City Council
  • Boards and Commissions
  • Business
  • History

Along with such standard pages, you can add specialized webpages for pretty much anything you want—a town festival, a local high school team, a Mayor’s corner, you name it. We’ll help you create any page depending on what you want to feature or showcase.

We can upload your content for you

We know that uploading content can get technical, or you might be too busy to do it. No problem! We can upload and manage your content for you. Give us your council agendas, council minutes, calendar meetings, events information, videos, pictures, or other content. We’ll help you publish it to your website ASAP. No more waiting for days or weeks for a technical go-between to put it up.

You can upload your own content

If you’d like, you can upload and manage your own content. We’ll still be around to help if needed. Our Tribune website platform is easy-to-use, and we can train your staff to use it. By making website updates themselves, your city staff is empowered to create and edit content in a timely fashion.

Online forms and payment capability

Increasingly, citizens with computers, smartphones, and tablets are turning to your city’s website to make payments, apply for business licenses, or download forms. If they must drive to city hall or talk to someone on the phone for these simple tasks, then you’re creating a huge inconvenience for them.

With IT in a Box, we help you offer citizen service options such as online payments and online transactions so that citizens and businesses can pay their bills and conduct business online. No matter the size of your city, we help you set up online payments and transactions quickly, securely, and compliantly.

Want to know more?

City Websites Page by Page - A Best Practices Guide for Every Page on Your Website

City websites page by page preview

Research shows that people make a snap judgment about you through your website in 50 milliseconds. Given that people tend to research and find out about your city primarily through your website, that first impression is significant, crucial, and important.

This guide will provide you:

  • Best practices to improve the most important pages on your city’s website.
  • Real city website examples for each page.
  • Additional tips about custom design, responsive design, and ADA-compliant design.

Check out other IT in a Box features...

Cybersecurity and Computer Maintenance

We help guard your municipality against cyberattacks, viruses, ransomware, and data breaches by keeping your computers patched, protected, and healthy—24/7. Our management includes always-on monitoring and alerting for issues, enterprise-class antivirus protection, automated computer maintenance, ongoing software patching to keep you secure, and regular training to keep you and your staff on guard and alert.

24X7 Helpdesk

Every day of the week, our U.S.-based helpdesk team supports you in the office, working from home, or while you’re on the road. No entry-level or junior tech support. You speak to experienced senior engineers with years of municipal experience who help you address any IT issue ASAP—either remotely or onsite.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Server failure? Flooding? A tornado? Ransomware? No problem—your data is safe. We provide onsite data backup for quick recovery, and unlimited offsite data backup for worst-case scenario recovery after a major incident like a natural disaster. You also ensure the success of your data backups with our real-time monitoring to quickly address data backup issues and quarterly testing to verify your disaster recovery.

Records / Document Management and Email

IT in a Box protects your records, documents, and email. We’ll apply your records retention schedules to your documents so that you can reliably archive, retain, access, and delete information—and we even help you process Open Records Requests. Plus, we provide you Microsoft Office 365 for your desktops.

Video Archiving

Does your police department rely heavily on squad car and body camera video recordings? With IT in a Box’s fixed monthly cost, towns and cities no longer need to buy additional expensive storage for video. That’s right! As your squad car and body camera video recordings continue to grow at a rapid pace, your storage costs do not change.

Policy and Compliance

To protect against cyberattacks and assist with audits, we help you adopt policies and best practices that educate your staff and make sure your technology helps you comply with state law. In addition to staff training, we shore up any compliance gaps by securing, documenting, regularly testing, and proactively managing all your technology. We will also help you create policies around software, application, vendor, network, wireless, physical, user, and remote access.


We provide you a modern, custom-designed website that looks good and delivers the information your citizens need. Have as many website pages as you want including pages for town/city hall, public safety, parks and recreation, news, and events. Our website also features the ability to offer online payments and offers a user-friendly backend system so that you can add and update website information yourself. Or if you want, submit your website updates to us and we will post them for you.

Vendor Management and Procurement

Do you get frustrated wasting time on software support calls where you’re not sure if you’re resolving the problem? Our experienced staff steps in to take care of this dirty work. From resolving issues to even purchasing new computers for you, we will work with technology vendors directly so that you don’t lose hours and days on the phone.

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