IT Manager - multiple customers

Posted by Jill Menhart 11/15/2018

Central Florida

Are you an IT management professional with an entrepreneurial spirit?   Check out our opening for an IT Manager that will help lead our expansion into Florida, starting with our current customer base! 

This position will be based out of your home office, when not traveling (state-wide).  IT Managers for VC3 (internally referred to as Virtual Chief Information Officers / VCIOs) act in the capacity of a part-time IT Manager for multiple managed services customers simultaneously.  This full-time, permanent position will determine the technology required to meet clients' strategic, long-term goals by building and presenting business justifications.  VCIOs manage all functions of VC3’s select municipal customers’ information technology departments.  The average customer size is 100 seats, with multiple sites, and an annual IT budget of $500k.  These functions include ensuring proper functioning of management information systems, overseeing upgrades, ensuring proper QA testing, verifying documentation of policies and procedures.  In addition this position will identify, recommend, develop and support IT solutions. You will work with our Project Management department on large deployments and manage small infrastructure projects with your team.  Our training and transition program typically lasts three to six months.  During this time you will work with all departments to help ensure your success! 

Here are the position responsibilities:

  • Work closely with Account Managers, Project Managers, Account Executives, other VCIOs, Systems Engineers, and Infrastructure engineers.
  • Evaluate current IT Infrastructure and identify technologies to improve security, scalability, and reliability of the overall environment through IT assessments and business process analysis.
  • Provide leadership for technology infrastructure projects in WAN/LAN, IP telephony, networking, Windows Server, etc.
  • Ensure highly reliable and available infrastructure to support the organizations/clients.
  • Manage, prioritize, and support IT department initiatives and goals; including budgeting.
  • Communicate and present findings on various business aspects of IT to Executives.
  • Start and maintain productive IT Steering Committees.
  • Review and evaluate emerging technologies for practical application.
  • Monitor metrics to measure performance and availability; and design and implement necessary improvements.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, best practices, and policies and procedures.
  • Utilize professional project management methodologies to ensure projects are delivered on schedule and budget.

These are the requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, business or related field.
  • Minimum of 5 years in IT field with at least 2 years in IT management or overseeing infrastructure.  
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively manage projects and deliver on commitments.
  • Build and present business justifications for IT projects.
  • Ability to multi-task between enterprise initiatives and routine IT operations.
  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to handle numerous tasks simultaneously; with a great attention to detail, and a sense of urgency without compromising quality.
  • Ability to provide high level strategic consulting to clients.

The following aren’t required, but are highly desirable:

  • Experience working with local government entities.
  • Experience developing client proposals.
  • Connectwise, Labtech, PRTG, Citrix and QuoteWerks (or other quoting tool) experience.

And, here is some other info:

  • Travel Requirements: Regular day and overnight travel is a requirement of this position.
  • Some conference will take place on weekends. 
  • Being located in central Florida is preferred. 
  • This position has the potential to cover geographic areas outside of Florida.  
  • Applicant selected will be subject to department of motor vehicles, credit, and criminal background checks, including meeting eligibility requirements for access to classified information.    
  • VC3 offers a great benefits package!


What do our employees like best about working at VC3?  We'll let them tell you:

"- Great culture 
- Strong sense of purpose
- Stimulating environment
- Challenging"

""Work hard, play hard" mentality. 
Is open to employee feedback. 
Committed to troubleshooting & improving internal issues and processes."

"1) allows fun events to get out of the work routine occasionally, 2) offers a casual space where colleagues can collaborate in comfort with perks such as games, snacks and drinks, 3) provides a naturally well-lit, conveniently located and open office space for better communication among co-workers, 4) hires happy personalities creating a positive work place, 5) permits employees the ability to work elsewhere when required, 6) Superior benefits"

"Allow you to be yourself and encourage you to do your best work."

"Always looking for the best way to do things, and striving to provide high quality products/services."

"Benefits, Flexibility, Independence"

"Competitive pay, great people, transparent leadership."

"Consistent work
Good Team atmosphere
Snacks/drinks provided"

"-encourage communication between teams
-the people are fun to work with
-always something to learn"

"Fast-paced challenging environment, people are capable and likable, pretty good location and work environment, people are treated fairly, company is stable and profitable."

"Great community, great employees, good PTO policy."

"Hire for cultural fit.  It's refreshing to work for an organization that doesn't just look blindly at qualifications but considers the entire person and how they will operate within our environment.   Open communications around company objectives and current position around financial measures and goals.  An honest desire to hear from employees and address concerns."

"I enjoy the flexibility and culture of VC3.  Their is also a very positive attitude overall and I feel appreciated, which is motivating to me."

"I learn, I drink, I enjoy...what else could you ask for?"

"The company provides a relaxed and fun environment while encouraging, helping and directing individuals to exceed their potential."

"The people and the culture created is a fun but hard working environment.  I work with some brilliant people and ones I consider friends outside of work."

"The team approach to almost everything we do is probably the best part of working here.  Other factors include but are not limited to, beer thirty, foosball, and the view out the windows."

"There is a high level of Trust and Respect between colleagues. The culture harbors a great attitude among employees, and employees generally do not try to take advantage of the flexibility they are granted."

"VC3 has a great set of core values that are exemplified by the leaders and senior employees. The level of intelligence and work ethic shown by the employees make you feel as though you are working alongside very qualified, smart people that you can grow with. The company strives to continuously improve and is always focused on how we can be better. The work environment is casual dress and flexible enough to allow for a good work/life balance."

"VC3 has assembled a group of intelligent and reasonable people who care deeply about providing good service to their customers."

"VC3 is a very friendly environment and I feel comfortable that I could as any person in this organization for help and they would be willing and happy to help me in any way possible without being judged or talked down."

"VC3 really values it's employees.  They do a great job taking care of people and making them want to stay.  That's clearly why so many employees have been at the company for 10+ years.  They pay well, have good work/life balance, and promote a fun work place."

"Very inclusive with company happenings and plan. Love everyone here I work with, very kind and nice people. Pay, for me at least has been fair with the work and responsibility and yearly reviews are on the calendar and done consistently."

"We are a company that continually evaluates the services we provide and the approach we take in providing them.  Based on the evaluations the company then makes adjustments and improvements to keep us relevant in communities we serve and allows us to grow into new geographic areas."

"We Work hard and Play hard.  VC3 has a work environment that allows employees the ability to socialize INSIDE the office as well as OUT.  Golf leagues, daily putt putt tournaments, relax lounges where you can bring your laptop and work on recliners and bean bags all help the atmosphere in the office and actually (in my opinion) increases production."

"While employees are encouraged to take their work seriously, the work environment is very relaxed. Nobody is over-stressed, because nobody is given more work than they can handle. Personally, I get more work done when I can take a break to chat with co-workers whenever I want."

"Working in IT for a while I have never seen such a movement to make all forms of technology integral to our every day lives, I am happy work on all the different systems and to get exposed to all of it, many of my friends are always excited to hear about the things that I am working because in their current careers they are not exposed to 1/3 of what we do here."


VC3 Core Values


Customer / Service Oriented


Enthusiastic / Passionate / Positive/Can-Do Attitude


Takes Ownership


Hardworking  /  Efficient / Dedicated / Team-player / Gives Credit


Smart / Problem-solver / Talented / Competent​​


Continuous Improvement