Municipal Cyber Security

When was the last time you revisited your municipality’s cyber security plan?

Protect your government’s data, reputation, and budget from the growing threat of cyber attacks with VC3’s cyber security services.

Our local government cyber security experts will help you:

  • Prevent costly security breaches with our endpoint security and vulnerability scans
  • Stop dangerous cyber attacks in their tracks with enterprise-grade firewalls and security monitoring
  • Minimize interruption to your services with rapid investigation and response to security breaches
  • Recover quickly from the worst case scenario with secure off-site backups of your entire IT infrastructure
  • Safeguard your devices from malicious activity using mobile device management and access control
  • Reduce the risk of social engineering attacks with regular security training for your entire staff

Is Your Municipality Prepared For a Cyber Attack?

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Don’t Let a Cyber Attack Catch You Off Guard And Hold You For Ransom

According to ICMA research, 44% of local governments face a cyber attack every day. One breach could bring your services to a halt. Is your municipality ready?

VC3’s Municipal Cyber Security Services

Endpoint Security

At any given time, your network has dozens (if not hundreds) of connected devices. Every laptop, desktop, and mobile phone on your network is a potential vulnerability, ready to be exploited.

A single unsecured device is enough for a hacker to gain entry and wreak havoc on your entire system.

We secure your endpoints with mobile device management, strict access control, and multi-factor authentication. Only people you trust will have access to your most sensitive systems.

Network Security

As the backbone of your entire organization, your network is a prime target for malicious activity. Keeping hackers off your network should be your top IT priority.

We prevent unauthorized access to your network with enterprise-grade firewalls, the latest anti-virus software, ongoing vulnerability scans, and active monitoring. So you can rest easy knowing your network is secure.

Software Security

Hackers and software developers are engaged in an endless arms race. And organizations like yours are stuck in the middle.

As savvy hackers discover new vulnerabilities to exploit in your software, developers race to patch them up. And on it goes.

That’s why it’s vital for your organization to keep operating systems, internet browsers, productivity apps, and other software up-to-date. Otherwise, you open your organization up to attack.

But ensuring that every application (on every device) is up-to-date and secure is a daunting task, even for the experienced IT administrator.

That’s why we offer full application management services with regular patching cadence, to ensure that all of your employees are using the most secure version of software available.

Disaster Recovery

Not all cyber attacks require a direct response. In the case of ransomware (where you get locked out of your system until a ransom is paid), it is best not to engage the hacker.

Instead, you should restore your entire system from a backup — regaining full control of your network.

We offer full disaster recovery with secure, offline backups of your entire system. So you won’t lose everything if disaster strikes.

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VC3 is a Complete Cyber Security Provider

Our cyber security services eliminate the administrative burden and complexity of securely and effectively maintaining your hardware, software, and networks.

Assess Your Risks

By the time you realize you need to upgrade your cyber security, it’s probably too late.

Think about this. According to the ICMA, almost 40% of municipalities don’t undertake an annual cyber security risk assessment. While InfoSec recommends performing yearly audits, many cyber security experts will often suggest a more frequent, monthly schedule.

That’s why we conduct regular & comprehensive cyber security risk assessments. We’ll analyze your current infrastructure, find all of the vulnerabilities, and help you close them — on an ongoing basis.

Guard Your Network

The only thing keeping malicious traffic from your network is a firewall. It is your first line of defence against would-be hackers and cyber criminals.

Yet 90% of government agencies cite they’re unable to meet their cyber security goals (like updating their firewalls) because of budgetary concerns.

So how confident are you in your organization’s ability to withstand hacking attempts?

Our municipal cyber security services include enterprise-grade firewalls and activity monitoring, so we can help you secure your network without breaking the bank.

Manage Your Devices

With the rise of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies within government organizations, your biggest security risk may already be sitting on a desk in your office.

Unsecured phones, tablets, and laptops pose one of the biggest threats to your organization’s security. A hacker doesn’t need to break down your firewall if there’s an easier way in.

Whether or not your organization has a BYOD policy, we’ll help you secure every device on your network with mobile device management, strict access controls, and multi-factor authentication.

Keep Your Applications Safe

A 2017 PC Trends report found that 52% of all computer applications are out-of-date — and municipalities tend to fare even worse.

Older versions of software (web browsers, productivity apps, operating systems, etc.) leave your devices vulnerable to attack, and should be updated on a regular basis.

Because we understand how difficult it can be to keep hundreds of applications across dozens of devices up-to-date, we offer a full application management service to ensure your organization uses only the safest, most up-to-date applications available.

Stop Costly Attacks

26% of local governments in the US face a cyber attack every single hour. As hackers become more persistent and cunning — it’s not a matter of if, but when.

That’s why it’s not enough to simply implement best-practices in prevention. Your organization needs to have a response and contingency plan for the worst case scenario.

We offer ongoing monitoring and rapid response to help you deal with the worst the worst of cyber attacks — including phishing attacks, malware, and ransomware.

Recover Your Data

With some government agencies facing a successful cyber attack once a week, disaster recovery is more important than ever.

While most municipalities have some form of a disaster recovery plan in place, a recent MeriTalk study found that 82% of government organizations are not prepared for a disaster recovery situation.

When a single hour of downtime can cost your organization tens of thousands of dollars, you can’t afford not to have a disaster recovery plan in place.

We keep secure, off-site backups of your entire system, saving you from the brink of disaster.

Client Testimonials

Town of River Bend, N.C.
Town of River Bend, N.C.

“Over the past few years, we have transitioned all of our IT functions to VC3 and found their service and pricing to be outstanding. They understand the local government market, and have served us well. We use them for disaster recovery service, systems maintenance, proactive support, and now for phone service. When we switched to VC3 from using a local IT vendor, we not only saw a reduction in the number and frequency of problems, we also saw improved response to service requests.”

Keep Your Municipality Safe From a Devastating Cyber Attack

We’ve helped more than 220 municipalities reduce their IT incident rate by more than 85% — and we can help you do the same.