Municipal Pulse

Business intelligence for municipalities

Municipalities have an ongoing challenge to provide high quality public services while managing the performance and productivity of their staff. According to a survey by the International City/County Management Association, 73% of cities indicated they would benefit from defined key performance indicators (KPIs) but only 43% of cities are using benchmarks to assess performance.

VC3’s Municipal PulseTM can extract key performance indicators from your existing systems and make them visible and useable for your employees. Built on Microsoft Power BI, Municipal PulseTM provides key metrics for your municipality's primary operational areas such as Public Safety, Public Works, Building Permits and Parks & Recreation. By leveraging the expertise of VC3 combined with the powerful business intelligence for municipalities of Municipal PulseTM, you can easily see your metrics and monitor performance changes over time.

Benefits of VC3 Business Intelligence for Municipalities

Assess Your Current Data

  • Understand your current metrics 
  • Assess your data systems
  • Establish goals and KPIs across the organization

Improve Your Performance

  • Spot areas of strength and ones needing improvement
  • Adjust performance exceptions to reach new goals
  • Align your metrics with your strategic direction

Manage Results

  • See regular refreshes of data
  • Increase staff buy-in and awareness of key performance indicators
  • Measure, compare, and track performance trends over time against standard benchmarks