Private Cloud Hosting

Worried About the Security and Performance Risks of Moving to the Cloud?

VC3’s private cloud solutions give you a secure and flexible platform for hosting applications and data in a fully managed & regulatory compliant data center.

VC3’s private cloud services include the following:

  • We provide a 24/7 network operations center to monitor your hosted assets.
  • Access to CJIS-trained staff, enterprise-class data centers and proven IT development tools
  • Run Windows Virtual Machines without compromising on versatility and security.
  • Securely access your systems and data from anywhere, anytime and from any device.

VC3’s Managed Private Cloud Services Minimize Your Hardware Spending and Make Your IT Lightning Fast.

Securely Host Client Data Using Our Private Cloud Storage Services

Get your data stored in multiple enterprise-grade data centers to ensure cyber security and regulatory compliance.

Why You Need VC3’s Private Cloud as a Service

  • We Offer Complete Private Cloud Services
    Be it hosting a portion or the entirety of your IT infrastructure on our cloud platform, VC3 has you covered.

    Our specialty is to help you leverage the performance and accessibility benefits of the cloud without compromising on your regulatory needs or your security requirements.
  • We Build Custom Private Cloud Solutions
    This lets us understand your unique IT needs and build solutions that meet your organization’s productivity goals. We equip your IT department to take on rewarding, strategic work while we resolve the day-to-day hassles.
  • VC3 is among Trusted Private Cloud Hosting Companies
    By awarding us with Qualified Multitenant Hoster (QMTH) status, Microsoft has acknowledged VC3’s commitment to industry best practices as well as compliance and regulatory standards.

Client Testimonial

"Over the past few years, we have transitioned all of our IT functions to VC3 and found their service and pricing to be outstanding. They understand the local government market, and have served us well. We use them for disaster recovery service, systems maintenance, proactive support, and now for phone service. When we switched to VC3 from using a local IT vendor, we not only saw a reduction in the number and frequency of problems, we also saw improved response to service requests."

—Town of River Bend, N.C.

VC3 By The Numbers

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VC3’s Private Cloud Computing Services


Private Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

We store your data at our Microsoft certified, enterprise-grade data centers.

Your hosted assets benefit from a 24x7x365 Network Operations Center that will monitor all of your hosted assets (e.g. virtual machines, virtual desktops, productivity applications, website, web applications, storage, backups, etc).

Our data centers are equipped with redundancy at multiple levels.

We ensure availability and providing you with safeguards that would be cost prohibitive for most organizations.

We utilize multiple internet service providers along with redundant cabling, switching and routing to ensure your connectivity is uninterrupted.

Our data centers are equipped with temperature and humidity monitoring systems and contain state-of-the-art fire detection and and extinguishing systems. By placing security at top of mind, we’ve installed stringent access controls and on-site security measures as well.

VC3 has covered every base in terms of data storage and private cloud hosting, freeing you from the costly process of setting-up an in-house or on-premise facility for your growing data needs.

Hosted Private Cloud for Microsoft Apps and Tools

Certified by Microsoft, our data centers can host suites as powerful and feature-rich as Windows, Office 365 ProPlus, Project Online Professional, Visio Pro and others via shared computer activation (SCA) technology.

Your staff can securely access everything they need to get their work done from a range of different device types and from any location.

With our Virtual Office Advantage (VOA) offering, we provide both the PC hardware and private cloud services as one combined package.

VOA frees you from spending your IT department’s limited resources on day-to-day troubleshooting of PCs, desktops and applications, but instead, focus on new development or strategic IT projects.

Use Our Private Cloud Services to Build Custom Solutions

As a Microsoft QMTH Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner, VC3 is fully equipped to deliver custom private cloud solutions for your organization.

We can augment your existing on-premise system with our own data centers. Alternatively, we can use our proven (and Microsoft certified) expertise to deploy or modernize your on-premises solution.

Rely on Our Private Cloud Service for Disaster Recovery

Use our data centers (alone or as a complement to your on-premises system) to securely backup your data, applications, website and other assets.

In case of a disaster, we can promptly recover your system.

On-Demand Private Cloud Computing Services

With VC3’s private cloud hosting, you can maintain secure and reliable connectivity to your virtual machines.
For example, your staff can leverage their virtual desktop from home, a coffee shop or other locations.
With our private cloud services, you can also provision additional desktops without expensive hardware purchases and in much less time (compared to new PCs).


Using the Cloud Doesn’t Mean Losing control

VC3’s managed private cloud hosting equips you to leverage the advantages of the cloud while still controlling how to configure and secure your hosted assets.

How Does Your Technology Stack Up?

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Office 365 ProPlus

Shared Computer Activation (SCA)

Case Study

Find out how the Town of Butner, NC was able to focus more on their citizens, not their IT.  Learn More.

Customer Testimonial

"BDI owes a lot to VC3 for not only helping us out in times of crisis (too many of those to count!) but also for giving us sterling guidance through all of our major IT initiatives over the years. We would not be where we are without you."
— Marion Campbell, IT Director
     BDI Pharma, Inc.