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Providing a full range of IT services to municipalities since 1994, VC3 leverages its experience and expertise to ensure that municipalities can utilize technology in ways to better serve their citizens. With solutions ranging from managed support services and hosted desktops to website design and document management, VC3 offers several strategies for boosting a staff’s efficiency and productivity.

Ideally, a town council should be able to place its focus on serving citizens; not dealing with IT problems. This is why VC3 offers 24×7 support through its Service Advantage solution, a proactive approach to identifying, minimizing, and even eliminating potential problems before an organization is impacted. Alongside VC3’s hosted desktop solution, Virtual Office Advantage, staff can enjoy the latest cloud, computer, and mobile technologies with 24×7 reliability. Plus, a secure and customized environment gives staff the ability to access their applications and email from any device on the go; be it laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Town Websites

A town’s website is an invaluable resource for both local governments and their citizens. Government officials can keep their citizens updated on the latest news, provide citizens with important forms and documents, and easily archive town meeting minutes and agendas. With its website design and hosting package, VC3 helps municipalities maintain a stylish and responsive website that boasts an enhanced content management system; making updating the site a simple task for even non-technically minded users. As for sharing information between staff members, VC3’s certified SharePoint experts help organizations configure custom SharePoint farms to meet their particular needs. With a central place to access information and share documents, collaboration and communication amongst staff members is easier than ever.

While the technologies needed by organizations have changed many times over the years, VC3’s focus has remained the same: marry the best technologies with experienced and talented specialists to deliver solutions that take customers to the next level of productivity and results.

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