Security & Governance

The City of Leland

Adjacent to the beaches of Brunswick County and west of downtown Wilmington, the City of Leland is one of the fastest-growing areas in Southeastern North Carolina.

With such rapid growth and a booming population, both the city’s local government and the police department found themselves in need of an update to their IT infrastructure. In 2015, the town council enlisted the help of VC3 to set up a cloud based desktop solution in the town hall, as well as completely manage their desktop environment. Around this time, the council also asked VC3 to set up a separate cloud based environment for the city’s police department – while still maintaining CJIS compliance.

CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services), the largest division of the FBI, provides law enforcement agencies with comprehensive databases filled with analytics, statistics, and other criminal information. In order to protect this valuable data, CJIS sets forth policies to cover best practices in wireless networking, remote access, and data encryption. With these policies in mind, VC3 designed an enhanced security environment for the Leland Police Department to help them maintain CJIS compliance. Some of the main security benefits included:

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  • Comprehensive logging of security related activity stored on a dedicated server.
  • Encryption of all incoming and outgoing data.
  • Dual factor authentication.
  • Increased data security, and quick detection/resolution in the case of a breach.
  • Secure mobile data terminals for the entire police staff.

While their new environment is completely secure and up to the current standard, CJIS policies and guidelines are constantly changing to adapt to an ever-shifting technology landscape. So, as an additional benefit, VC3 also keeps an eye on new or updated CJIS policies, and consults with the Leland Police Department to upgrade their environment as necessary. Plus, because the Leland Police and town council share a new combined facility, the police department can still run municipal management software. While, on the flipside, town employees cannot access any of the police department’s applications or data.

I feel very confident in the level of security VC3 has provided. The transition into VOA went smoothly for both town and PD, and we’re moving forward with new projects with VC3 this year (CAD system, Body Worn Cameras). We’re confident that all of these new projects will be set up securely and accurately, and in a timely manner. The Police Department is very pleased with their new equipment, and excited to have the latest technology to do their jobs.

—Sabrena Reinhardt, Administrative Manager/Town Clerk