Content Carousel

A beautiful, mobile-friendly, and highly flexible content slider app for SharePoint.

What is the Content Carousel?

The Content Carousel is a SharePoint app created by VC3 to make your SharePoint site more beautiful with automatically rotating customizable images and content. The app can be installed on any SharePoint 2013 site and is also available for SharePoint Online / Office 365 SharePoint sites.

Why we created it

At VC3, we help our customers utilize SharePoint to create intranet, extranet, and public websites, and we often get asked for simple ways to make these sites more welcoming to users and make their pages stand out.

A common technique on popular websites involves rotating information and images to provide visitors a concise and appealing display of information. In this way, you can convey a series of relevant topics to the user without taking up too much room on the page. For SharePoint intranets, the Content Carousel can be used to highlight company-wide events such as holiday parties or health care enrollment dates.

When our SharePoint team set out to create this app, they had three goals in mind:

  • Make it beautiful

    It had to look good, so VC3’s expert team of web designers were pulled in to make it a great visual experience.

  • Make it mobile friendly

    In order to create the best viewing experience for mobile and tablet users, we developed the Content Carousel using responsive web design. This design technique automatically adjusts the app’s layout and usability based on the user’s screen size and orientation.

  • Make it flexible

    We created the Content Carousel with a ton of options to allow you to customize colors, styles, and effects. Jump to our demo below to test drive the options.


  • Works on all SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online / Office 365 sites
  • Works on public (anonymous) sites
  • 8 beautiful transition effects
  • Mobile friendly / responsive design to accommodate different screen sizes
  • Over 20 different options to allow you to control the look and feel
  • Content and images can be easily changed by updating a standard SharePoint list

How to install it on your SharePoint site

The Content Carousel can be installed from the SharePoint Store. From your SharePoint site, select ‘Add an app’ and search for ‘Content Carousel’. Then click on the link to view results in the SharePoint Store.

You can also install the Content Carousel by clicking here to download it for free.

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