Webinar: The Value of Remote Access in Crisis and Beyond

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Understand the Technical Side of Remote Work

The recent COVID-19 pandemic brought remote working to the forefront for many organizations. While it remains to be seen what the lasting effects of the pandemic are, many organizations are already thinking towards remote work as a permanent fixture. A recent Gartner, Inc. survey of CFOs and Finance leaders found that 74% plan to include a remote work strategy even after the pandemic. The municipal sector is also considering it. Creating a flexible workspace was a priority for 42% of respondents to a recent Route Fifty survey, compared to 25% in 2015.

Impact on Culture and Business Continuity

Why should you care about remote access? Because working remotely is not as simple as sending your employees home with a laptop and expecting them to be productive. Unfortunately, many organizations and leaders are overwhelmed with where to start, leaving their organization and data exposed to possible cyberattacks and their employees struggling to do their work.

Whether your organization is working remotely temporarily due to COVID-19, or you are leading your organization through implementing a long-term remote work strategy, there are a few key areas to think about as you move forward.

The Takeaways

In this 20-minute webinar, John Hey, our Chief Strategist, will discuss:

  • The value of remote access during quarantine and beyond.
  • Three keys areas to consider when implementing remote access.
  • A good first step for leaders to take when considering remote access.

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