Webinar: Your Biggest Cybersecurity Threat and How to Handle It

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95% of Successful Cyber Attacks Start with Phishing

That’s why it’s your biggest threat and your traditional cybersecurity prevention measures likely aren’t preparing your organization against a phishing attack.

In this 16-minute webinar Joey Howland, VC3’s Chief Information Security Officer, explains why everyone in an organization, especially leaders, needs to be aware of the threat phishing attacks present. The impact of a successful attack drains an organization’s resources, damages its reputation, and can put sensitive data at risk.

The Takeaways

  • Why phishing attacks are so common
  • How bad actors use current events
  • What leaders can do to better protect their organization

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What is a Phishing Attack?

Phishing is an attempt by a malicious actor to get an employee of your organization to click on a hyperlink or follow a behavior. It could be to click on a link that installs malware on the computer or it could be trying to get an employee to change direct deposit information.

Hacking an organization’s security perimeter is getting more difficult, however, it can be easy for a bad actor to craft a compelling email that results in gaining access to the network.

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Phishing Attacks Take Advantage of Current Events

Bad actors take advantage of the chaos and fear that’s often created from negative current events. For instance, Google is reporting a 350% increase in phishing attempts since quarantine began. This is troubling, but not surprising. It’s common for bad actors to use disasters like hurricanes, fires, and more to create relevant emails when people may have lower defenses.

Two phishing examples during COVID-19 we’ve seen include:

  • Infection maps with real data that require a download. The download includes malware.
  • Realistic looking emails from vendors requesting wire transfers.

What Steps Can You Take to Prepare Your Organization?

Help your employees identify phishing attempts and sound the alarm. Ask your IT partner about tools, training, and testing for your employees so that your organization is better prepared to combat phishing attempts.

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