Data Backup + Disaster Recovery

Minimize operational
disruption and
mitigate risk with
onsite + offsite data backup solutions.

Organizations turn to VC3 for
Data Backup + Disaster Recovery
when they...

Data Backup Disaster Recovery Plan

Need recovery plans for major incidents such as natural disasters and ransomware.

Fast Data Backup Disaster Recovery

Need to become operational within hours, not days or weeks, after an incident.

Data Back Real Time Monitoring

Need real-time monitoring to quickly address data backup issues.

Data Backup Software Security

Want to keep their data backup software secure and running smoothly.

The capacity, skill set, and experience to help you AIM higher.

Increased Resiliency

Protect your organization’s data, reputation, and operations with secure backups and timely recoveries.

Capable, Responsive Support

100% North American-based team with onsite support available in less than 2 hours.

Practical + Predictable Costs

Avoid bloated solutions while reducing your organization’s data center backup footprint.

Local, Cloud, and SaaS Backup Solutions

From local backups to full business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, we have the solution to meet your needs.

Proactive Maintenance

Securely back up your data, applications, website, and other assets in our enterprise-grade data centers with highly-trained staff and regulatory-compliant processes.

Minimized Downtime

Regular, consistent data backups that enable you to become operational again within hours, not days.

VC3 gets IT
out of sight, out of mind, and out of your way.

1,100+ municipalities and 700+ businesses turn to VC3 to get out of the IT trenches and back to working on what matters.

87% Average Reduction

in IT Incidents after 3 Months


from a Team of 100% North American-Based Experts


Response Time + Onsite Support


98% of Employees Are Technical

"With VC3, I don’t have to worry about these problems.”

“My advice for any city would be to ask themselves, “Who’s doing your virus protection? And who’s doing your backup? Where is it?” Monthly data backup is not enough. And sometimes you think you’re backing up, but you’re not. You really don’t want to wait until ransomware strikes, half of your files disappear, or you can’t boot up in the morning. With VC3, I don’t have to worry about these problems.”

▸ City of Oxford, Georgia

Let’s talk about how VC3 can help you

AIM higher.

Let’s talk

about how VC3

can help you

AIM Higher.