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Brittco Software: Interview With Scott Flowers, CEO

Brittco Interview

Brittco Software is a total software solution for I/DD and OOD Providers and Ohio County Boards of Developmental Disabilities. Its products are specifically for the developmentally disabled and vocational rehabilitation communities throughout the state. It’s designed for agencies ranging from small to large and every size organization in between.

Brittco’s software solution is designed to streamline business process, improve staff efficiency and productivity, and provide significant cost savings. Its robust solutions eliminate the stacks of paperwork, complex spreadsheets, and numerous documents that consume the valuable time and energy of employees and replace them with easy to use software. And since it is cloud-based, the users only need a web browser running on a computer, tablet, or smartphone to enter and access data and reports. This saves organizations time and money.

Brittco states their software is affordable, easy to use, and comes with unparalleled technical support for DayHabs, Employment (DODD and OOD), HPC, Transportation, County Boards of Developmental Disabilities and more. Brittco’s technical support provides a quick response and resolution to problems and requests through a Support Center with video tutorials and dozens of articles. Their ‘Help & Learning’ site has a more detailed breakdown of their software.

How Did Brittco Come About?

The idea for Brittco came about in 2009 when Scott Flowers learned his sister needed help. She had started an agency to provide DayHab services and was overwhelmed with the documentation requirements of Medicaid. Scott was motivated when he saw she had incident reports stacked up in boxes all over the office. He realized other DayHabs must be dealing with the same issue. This inspired him to develop Brittco Software.

Scott has had 25+ years of experience running software businesses, but this would be his first experience in the I/DD community. Brittco became a reality in 2011. Scott and his team created a software solution for small and medium-sized DayHabs. It took care of their documentation and billing needs for my Medicaid services. Scott and his team knew that there would be continual software updates required to meet rule changes and customer needs, so they developed the software to be flexible, so changes could be made quickly.

They focused on the market in Ohio and got to know the rules and regulations. They also got involved in the employment side and now focus on the DODD and OOD communities. Their collaboration with several Ohio Vocational Rehabilitation Providers has resulted in a solution that simplifies the complex process of doing business with OOD.

What Was Brittco Initially Designed To Do?

The fundamental purpose initially was to serve the adult day care, vocational, and residential communities to provide a software platform for:

  • Keeping track of daily attendance for clients and staff.
  • To document the goals and outcomes each day per Medicaid requirements.
  • To document non-medical transportation, HPC services, and incidents.
  • To help with tracking medications (MARS).
  • To provide assistance with billing.

Today, Brittco is on its 3rd generation in just nine years. That’s because Scott and his team stay on the leading edge when it comes to technology and apply this practice to the evolution of Brittco.

How Has Brittco Grown From Its Beginnings?

Brittco Software is unique because it delivers the total solution Providers have been in search of. And with the addition of its County Board software solution, Brittco is bridging the information gap between County Boards and Providers.

County Boards that have made the switch to Brittco have all experienced a noticeable and measurable increase in SSA productivity because they can enter case notes using their smartphone and important work can be completed before they return to the office from a visit or meeting.

  • Some of the highlights of Brittco’s County Board solution include: Cloud-based. System updates with new features and reports are done automatically and behind the scenes without having to shutdown access for hours at a time.
  • It includes a talk-to-text feature that makes it easy to record notes rather than typing them into a computer.
  • SSA’s have learned the software in just minutes because it’s so easy to use.
  • There’s an ISP module that can be customized for County Boards’ needs. Their current Assessment and ISP can be easily replicated.
  • It offers a true platform for sharing information, so outcomes and action steps can be tracked and automatically sent to Providers.
  • Incident reporting is also much easier with Brittco because this information can be shared in the Cloud. Providers can write incidents directly into the County Board portal.
  • Early Intervention (EI) staff will have their own case-noting system and reports separate from TCMs.
  • Use the easy-to-fill-out Waiting List Assessment form and submit it to DODD.
  • Billing is easy. Users have found that they can learn to bill with minimal training.
  • The software can be implemented quickly including data migration.

Why Do You Call Brittco ‘A Platform for Sharing Information?’

Finally, Providers and County Boards can all work on the same platform and share their information. And because Brittco is cloud-based, data can be entered using a web browser and stored securely in the Cloud. Now data can go with users wherever they are.

It’s more important than ever for County Boards to find ways to support Providers to help them succeed. Brittco is the only software solution that provides a method for SSAs to share the Outcomes from an ISP plan with their Providers via a pre-formatted “doc” sheet.  The Providers no longer must spend all that time re-writing and formatting outcomes. And for those Providers that use Brittco Software, the outcomes are automatically imported into their system, eliminating all data entry.

With its Incidents Portal, all Providers in a county can now have access to an electronic Incident Reporting system.  Providers have access to Brittco Software via a portal (at no cost to the Provider) that gives them the ability to enter incidents quickly; no more paper, emails, or faxes. And since all the incidents will be stored electronically in a database, IAs can quickly analyze trends and patterns with a variety of reports.

What Makes Brittco So Cost-Effective?

Because of its commitment to using the latest technology, Brittco’s development and support processes are extremely efficient. As such, Brittco’s support demands have not increased even as their user base continues its impressive growth rate. This allows Brittco to keep its costs in check, which means Providers and County Boards can save their capital for other ongoing needs.

What Are Some Of Brittco’s Other Features?

  • Reports are invaluable, and Brittco has a plethora of them. And if you don’t find what you want, just ask. New reports can be requested at any time and at no cost, and you won’t have to wait long.
  • Staff User Groups and Permissions control what each group of staff members can see and do.
  • Automatic Alerts help to ensure that essential tasks and scheduled events don’t fall through the cracks.
  • Custom Forms can be created with Brittco’s Form Builder. Forms Builder provides a simple method for creating an unlimited number of custom forms, including integrated digital signatures. Many “standard” forms used by most counties are already included in the system to save the time of building them.  And you can share these custom forms from county to county.
  • Import legacy data from other systems (Gatekeeper, Infal, Imagine, etc.)

Is Training Provided?

Yes, it is. And, there’s no extra charge for training, support, or additional reports. The feedback for Brittco support is outstanding. The team is always there to resolve any issues.

The Brittco team goes onsite to train users. They have two levels of training: One for administrators and one for the County Boards and SSAs. From there, they provide follow-ups to ensure everyone has the training and support they need.

They use this same approach for Providers with a train-the-trainer approach. People have their own unique needs for using the software, so they use a one-on-one training system.

The Brittco Support Center is available as well with training videos and information to learn more about the software. And with online support, free training upon request, and hundreds of video tutorials and articles, all of your questions or concerns are answered with just a click or phone call away.

With all of that and much more, it’s easy to see why Brittco claims they are changing how County Boards and Providers do business together, and for the better!

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