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Growing to Meet New Challenges – A Spotlight on Bradley

For those who work in the rapidly evolving IT industry, the thought of stagnating and falling behind in their careers can produce reactions ranging from unsettling to terrifying. That’s not the case for Bradley and his coworkers at Accent Computer Solutions. With Accent’s many clients each offering their own unique needs in different environments, there’s never a shortage of challenges or opportunities to learn something new.

“Working at Accent is like getting a fire hose of knowledge every single day because there’s so much to learn,” Bradley said. “I could not have asked for a better source of training and information, which has helped me quickly learn how to stand on my own.”

Bradley began his tenure at Accent on Alpha, which is the first response help desk team. A few months ago, he transitioned to his current position as Centralized Services (CS) Support Specialist, a new role that was recently created to expand the department. His main priority is to manage backups for Accent’s clients so that important data isn’t lost.

Study, Learn, Figure Out Solutions

Like many employees at Accent, Bradley grew up around computers. Serving as the “go-to repair guy” in his family, he recalls building and taking them apart. After taking a few computer science courses in college, he was inspired to pursue a career in technology.

When he landed at Accent and found not only an IT job, but a supportive atmosphere that encourages people to face new challenges, he knew he was where he was supposed to be. That, in turn, motivates Bradley to put forward his best effort for every problem he confronts.

“Bradley is consistent in his daily tasks and how he communicates,” said Peter, Accent’s Chief Technology Officer. “He won’t let you down.”

Accent allows each employee the flexibility to work in ways that are most productive for them, and that’s something that Bradley has used to his advantage. In addition to flexible schedules and the option to work from home, he appreciates the space and trust that Accent gives him to do his job.

“My favorite part of my job is being able to put my head down for a few hours and dig into a complex technical issue,” Bradley explained. “It’s so rewarding to study a problem, learn it, digest it, figure out a solution, and execute it so the problem is fixed.”

Value-Driven Tech People

With all the IT companies that he could have chosen, what was it that made Accent unique? For Bradley, it was that in addition to technology, Accent also values its people – clients and employees alike. With a driving focus on customer satisfaction and an emphasis on doing things right, the team takes ownership of their work and stands behind what they do.

“Bradley has a strong sense of ownership to his position,” Peter said. “When you give him something to focus on, he puts all his effort in and really works through whatever the assignment is.”

Accent’s employees are in regular contact with their clients. Whether there’s a big problem or just an update, there’s no mystery about what Bradley and his team are doing for them. That allows them to deliver the most value possible.

Space to Flourish

During his time at Accent, Bradley has never worried about stagnant professional skills or a floundering career. Management encourages him to continuously develop his expertise, offering incentives to complete certifications and accommodating a schedule that includes school, as Bradley completes his bachelor’s degree in information technology. It’s a work environment that fosters a strong sense of community and teamwork throughout the entire organization.

When Accent emboldens its team members to collaborate on problems, give out praise for exceptional work, and maintain morale, it inspires employees like Bradley to do their best.

“At Accent, we’re always supporting each other with problem-solving, bouncing ideas off each other, and covering the workload for others when there’s too much work to go around,” said Bradley.

With a constant flow of new challenges and exciting responsibilities, as well as guidance from management to help create a roadmap for his career, Bradley knows his future at Accent is bright. By tackling each challenge that comes along, he can help his team solve the most perplexing problems and provide the most value they can to their clients.

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