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Looking For a Managed IT Services Price List?

If you are looking for a managed IT services price list, we might assume that you either know that you need to make a change in how you’re resourcing IT support or you’re wondering if you should be making a change. Either way, frustrations with IT are probably the catalyst for your research. If you’re like a lot of business owners and executives, you’ve lived with your IT problems for longer than you need to because you aren’t sure if there is anything better out there.

What You're Not Going to Find on a Price List

Even if you know many of the components that go into a well-supported IT environment, it’s a mistake to choose these one-by-one based on a target cost. While the cost of managed services needs to make sense for your budget, you have to take into account the results that you’ll receive, and you aren’t easily going to get to that when you shop from a list.

Change the question you’re asking from “what services do I want to buy” to “what kind of IT experience do I want?”

The IT Experience Recipe

Anyone can purchase the services that make up comprehensive IT support – network monitoring and maintenance, backup and disaster recovery, cloud services, cyber security, phone systems, help desk and support. It’s how the services are delivered that creates the experience.

IT companies that are skilled in creating the IT results that organizations want, with the frustration-free experience they crave, have a proven process that stirs up the components with the right method. They also have their own secret sauce, so to speak, that can’t be replicated but makes a huge difference in the experience.

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Is IT a Necessary Evil or Strategic Asset?

Many executives and business owners are uncomfortable with the topic of IT. They stand at arm’s length from managing IT because they don’t know how to measure what they’re doing now, nor do they feel like they can make confident decisions about what to do next. That could be one reason for defaulting to a price list when researching options. What they don’t realize is that IT could be used to help move business forward.

The Shocker About Managed IT Services Costs

If your company is struggling with IT, there’s a good chance that you are spending more on IT now than you would if you were outsourcing your IT function to an experienced, reputable IT company. When you take into account all of the interruptions, downtime and confusion that ineffective IT causes, what you’re really doing is sacrificing results. Is that what you want to do?

Instead of looking for a price list, go after the IT experience that is going to move your business forward. Schedule an IT assessment to discover what a better IT experience can do for your business. 


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