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Stalled Career Restarted at Accent – A Spotlight on Amber Mena

For Amber Mena, the challenge to better herself and learn new things has been a driving force throughout her life. After stalling in a job that didn’t lead anywhere, she found her way to Accent Computer Solutions where she found the perfect environment to ask questions, learn from others’ experiences, and grow in a way that inspires her curiosity – while also being part of a team that trusts her to get the job done.

“I love growing, learning, and doing new things,” Amber said. “When I arrived at Accent, I was bombarded with knowledge all around me, and it was everything I had hoped for.”

Amber has been a part of Accent for the past five months as a Support Specialist on Alpha team, the help desk triage section. Whether she’s answering phone calls or working tickets that come in from clients, she brings her enthusiasm and joy of learning to the rest of her team.

“Every day that Amber reports for work, she’s striving to better herself,” noted her supervisor Erik Bekke, Team Service Manager. “She seizes every opportunity to learn something new and help where she can.”

Finding a Path to Professional Fulfillment

Before discovering Accent, Amber spent five years in a position that didn’t offer a path for future advancement. Although she knew the company inside and out and was really good at her role – eventually becoming second in command of her department – there was no way to move up in the organization.

Craving growth and career development, she studied for her Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) endorsement, a challenging IT certification that gave her an advantage in her job search. With her CCNA under her belt, landing the position of Support Specialist at Accent helped her come a long way in a short amount of time.

“I was looking for more fulfillment in my work, and I definitely found that at Accent,” Amber said. “For example, I had never worked in an environment that incentivized employees to become better, from helping us get our certifications to offering food on Fridays.”

Accent also provides a roadmap that allows employees to see how they can move up in the company, which gives Amber a goal and inspires her to better herself professionally.

Working for a Company that Cares

Not only has Amber’s role at Accent allowed her to learn and grow individually, but she has also been blown away by how people here care about the employees. She says that management is responsive about taking suggestions from team members and following through with implementing positive changes that they suggest through a process that involves bringing up an issue, discussing it, and then solving it – or IDS for short.

“When I arrived at Accent, the weren’t just blowing smoke,” Amber explained. “They actually walked the walk and showed that they really appreciate their employees.”

Amber has valued an improved work-life balance through the ability to work remotely from home. She has also formed meaningful connections all the way to the owner of the company, who is easy to talk to and follows up with sick employees to see how they’re doing.

Becoming Part of the Accent Team

Every time Amber picks up the phone or logs in to her computer, she feels like she’s part of something much bigger than herself. Accent employees work and win as a team, a core value of the company that has helped it remain dedicated to both its personnel and its clients.

“You can reach out to anybody who you think might be able to assist you with a problem, and it’s refreshing to see that they don’t hold back their knowledge,” Amber said. “No one is competing with anyone or trying to take their jobs.”

Instead, members of the team build each other up, offering encouragement and help. Amber is also willing to help her coworkers whenever she can, and her upbeat personality energizes her colleagues on the Alpha team.

“Whatever we’re working on, Amber jumps right on it from the get-go,” her supervisor Erik said. “She’s helped set the standard on the team for what to strive for.”

Trust, Encouragement, and Room to Grow at Accent

Amber’s experience at Accent has breathed fresh energy into her career and sparked her ambition to keep learning. In a company that trusts her to do her job, allows her plenty of room to grow, and offers support and encouragement from her team members, Amber can flourish and pass along that positivity and expertise to her clients.

“Our clients are receptive to the knowledge that we offer them,” she said. “We’re able to help them get to where they need to be, and they’re really excited when we fix their issues, which makes me really happy.”

Just like a plant needs light and water to grow, Amber has found the right combination of ingredients in her role at Accent to inspire her to reach high and go far.

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