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Technology Problems and Roadblocks That Prevent Small Business Growth

Earlier this month, I was on my way to Redlands to visit a client. I got off the freeway and found that one lane of the two lane road was closed. Of course, this caused a big delay due to the backed up traffic. I finally made it to my next turn and then had to pull over for an emergency vehicle. More traffic formed and another delay for me as I inched toward my client’s office.

I actually thought I may never get to where I was heading on that day. I'm sure you've had this type of feeling and maybe worse.

Maybe you've just said "Forget it…I am done trying!"

This month has been that type of month for some of the business leaders I've been in contact with.

In our business environment today, technology is very important to achieving our business goals and objectives. Many companies have a specific Rocks or Goals in their strategic plan addressing the need for technology advancements as a competitive advantage.

But business leaders are constantly running into many roadblocks as it relates to technology. The roadblocks come in the form of new business application implementations that are stalled, employees that are dissatisfied with the performance of their work computing environment, dwindling productivity due to slow access to business applications, inaccurate or nonexistent reporting, and a host of other nagging issues.

All of these barriers cost the business money and keep the organization from reaching its planned goals. Sometimes the leaders and management don’t even know the nagging issues are happening.

Take a look around your organization. Ask your employees what is holding them back. You may be surprised at what you learn!

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