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The Power of Microsoft


In today’s marketplace, more and more companies rely on a variety of different programs and software to work effectively and smoothly, as well as provide the best service for consumers and customers.

While doing some market research into the power of the Microsoft Full Stack or O365 offering, I found this video: PCL Construction uses IoT with Azure to revolutionize industry

Not only was it exciting to watch in terms of content, but I know who PCL is, living here in Canada. A 110-year-old company founded in Saskatchewan, the fact that this legacy company decided to digitally transform itself is inspiring.

Some amazing quotes that I wanted to capture from the video, released by Microsoft in September of  2018, are below. Make a sticky note with them and put them on your fridge or have them become your next screen saver. In a time of digital disruption, you need a powerful ally, and Microsoft’s offering is exactly that… powerful.

“We need to embrace digital change to remain competitive and relevant” - Mark Bryant, Chief Information Officer, PCL Construction

One of the biggest challenges organizations that embrace the digital environment face is ensuring that every bit of the organization, every program, and every piece of software, is able to communicate well with the rest. Plenty of companies have significant problems getting everything to talk to each other, which makes seamless working extremely difficult.

This is an area where the power of Microsoft’s offerings really is changing everything. The video shows the power of Microsoft Azure combined with IoT. In other videos on this same channel, it shows legacy systems with Microsoft Flow and collaborations throughout the whole world with the Microsoft Tool Kit.

“Microsoft and its Azure technology and platform have been a game-changer for us” - Mark Bryant, Chief Information Officer, PCL Construction

Almost everyone is familiar with Microsoft Office for both professional and personal use. Organizations around the world rely on its suite of applications for their entire business processes, with 1.2 billion people in 140 countries using it. Microsoft’s cloud offering, Office 365, allows organizations to be fully integrated, and to work seamlessly across their entire offering.

“We’ve relied on technology to implement our construction planning” - Myke Badry, Senior Project Manager, Stantec Tower and SKY Residences

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 once again takes the game to another level. Dynamics 365 merges both CRM and ERP functions and delivers them via the cloud to create an online platform capable of carrying out functions across sales, marketing, customer service, ops, and automated project service. Organizational users are able to access these functions from wherever they are, whether at home, at the office, or on the move. Business processes are streamlined and better managed, and the whole organization works more efficiently and effectively.

“Our cloud-based information is more readily available. It facilitates collaboration, so we can have all interested parties with the right information at the right time” - Chris Gower, Chief Operating Officer, Buildings, PCL Construction

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, Dynamics 365 and Office 365 work perfectly together, and using Dynamics 365 allows you to plug in SharePoint and Power BI as well. This allows a completely smooth workflow process, complete and simple collaborative working, and a range of comprehensive insights completely unachievable using any other platforms.

Working in the cloud allows for far more responsive, collaborative, and effective working practices and ensures that the best and most impressive benefits of digital technology can be transmitted smoothly and seamlessly across the entirety of an organization. The power of Microsoft’s cloud offerings means that everyone at every level of a company can be working with the same tools, all talk fluently to each other, providing top-level service at every stage of a project and across an organization.

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