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Network Integration was Smooth Sailing for Kymera International

Industry: Manufacturing
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: HQ - Durham, NC
Location: HQ - Durham, NC
Employees: 500 - 1,000
Employees: 500 - 1,000

Operational uptime is an important metric for Kymera International, a manufacturing company with multiple facilities spanning four continents. As an organization, Kymera has implemented different technologies to support and improve this metric, but every time it integrates into the network of a newly acquired business, uptime is threatened. That’s why the Kymera team was so pleased when VC3 facilitated a smooth integration of the IT systems of Canada-based CASL Surface Technologies after they were acquired by Kymera. 

After an acquisition, Kymera prefers to work with the acquired company’s IT partners who have the deepest knowledge of the IT environment. Because each network is so different and has many nuances specific to that company, Kymera selected VC3 to lead the project implementation.   

Gabor Szentivanyi is Kymera’s Chief Information Officer, and Joe Farley is the Director of IT Infrastructure and Cybersecurity. When the network integration took place, both Gabor and Joe expected to have their weekends interrupted, but that wasn’t what happened at all. 

“It was smooth sailing,” said Joe. “Everything did exactly what we wanted it to do, and everything worked great.” 

According to Gabor, the outcome of the network integration and the experience they had during the planning and implementation process was because of the people on the VC3 team. 

“These guys listen,” said Gabor. “They’re not selling a cookie cutter solution, but they’re trying to understand the business background and what the client has in mind.”

Digital Transformation Preceded Network Integration 

CASL started working with Edmonton-based CompuVision several years before the managed service provider merged with VC3 in 2022. CASL was a fairly small organization, but it had a wide geographical footprint that included three locations: two in Canada and one in Houston, Texas.  

Before Kymera came on the scene, VC3 guided CASL through a major digital transformation, including moving all their servers to Microsoft’s Azure environment. Having all their resources in the cloud eliminated workflow problems and provided more reliable connectivity for all three locations. 

The new infrastructure build had been in place for about a year when the acquisition by Kymera International occurred. VC3 was called to meet with Gabor, Joe, and their team. They had a tight integration timeline and many changes that needed to align with Kymera’s digital and security strategies. 

The VC3 team led the project, which started with drawing out the new architecture. There was some back and forth with the design until they got to an acceptable layout. Gabor was impressed that his suggestions were not taken negatively but thoughtfully and productively. 

Simple and Achievable Solution was the Result of Collaboration 

“When they said, ‘Let us think about that,’ I said, these guys listen,” recounted Gabor. “It was great to be able to constructively challenge something and sync together to provide a solution that was mutually beneficial, simple, and achievable.” 

Gabor and Joe work with lots of outsourced companies, and what they found in VC3 was a partner and not just a vendor. They both agree that every good outsourcing partnership is only as good as the people who are delivering the services. What set VC3 apart from other vendors they’ve worked with is that they had the right approach, but they also listened and did what was necessary to bring the project through to the finish line. 

“It really feels like a partnership with VC3. It’s not something that’s just transactional,” said Joe. “This is very much a ‘work together to solve a problem’ arrangement.”  

Outcome of Network Integration Provides Business Value 

The outcome of the network integration project is that CASL is seamlessly connected to the greater Kymera environment. The company has gained the ability to share specialized technology with any of its locations globally. Gabor calls that a business value that can only come from IT. 

He also recognizes that there’s business value in the ability to integrate an acquired business rapidly and smoothly. 

“If it’s an unnoticed integration, with very few IT system changes through the whole M&A process, that adds value,” said Gabor. “The whole value chain can complete their own integration because IT is not a threat or a burden but a solution.” 

As Joe and Gabor anticipate their next network integration, they have a new benchmark for success because of their experience with VC3. They learned that it is possible to complete an integration project on time, without operational disruption. What’s more, they don’t need to stress or give up their weekend when they have a strong partner they can trust. 

About Kymera International

The companies under Kymera International have a long history and have been producing specialty alloy powders, pastes and granules for over 100 years to the aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical and industrial markets. The Group has manufacturing plants in seven countries and produces a wide array of materials including aluminum and aluminum alloys, copper and copper alloys, copper oxide, titanium, vanadium, niobium and molybdenum master alloys, plain bearing alloys, silver coated, tin, zinc, coatings, and various specialty alloys in a wide range of shapes and particle sizes from coarse to ultrafine (<1um). Products include powders, pastes, ingots and granules.

Kymera International’s Vision is, “Creating innovation and value in each and every particle we produce℠ “.

We are committed to our ESG initiatives and strive to reduce greenhouse gases, ensure our employees are safe and follow the strictest code of ethics and governance.


Gabor Szentivanyi, Chief Information Officer

Kymera International

I've been working with outsourcing partners since 1998 and working with VC3 has so far been the most enjoyable and least painful experience.

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