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Pickaway County DD Needed High Quality IT Support

Industry: Non-Profit Organization Management
Industry: Non-Profit Organization Management
Location: Pickaway County, OH
Location: Pickaway County, OH
Employees: 2-10
Employees: 2-10

Pickaway County Board of DD started their customer journey working with GO-Concepts. They are now being supported by VC3 since the acquisition of GO-Concepts in 2023.

Pickaway County DD Was Looking For High-Quality IT Support

“As the years went on, IT was becoming more complex, and I had concerns that the firm we were using wouldn’t be able to meet our needs,” says Mike Pelcic, Superintendent, Pickaway County DD.

Before working with [VC3], Pickaway County DD relied on a smaller IT company with a general focus on managing their support needs. While this company had been a capable IT partner for years, Mike knew it wouldn’t be long until Pickaway County DD outgrew its support capabilities.

Thinking ahead, Mike began looking for a new IT company that would be able to handle Pickaway County DD’s growing IT needs. He had three primary goals in his search for a new IT partner:

  • Extensive Resources: Mike wanted an IT partner with a larger team that could provide consistent service and capabilities, regardless of staff turnover or availability
  • IT Expertise: Mike wanted an IT partner with a deep knowledge base and extensive set of skills, especially for DD-related organizations.
  • Customer Service: Mike wanted a committed and available IT partner that both he and his staff would be able to rely on and provide the same level of service to everyone regardless of title and department.

As the Superintendent, Mike knew no matter who they hired for IT support. He would always get priority service. He wanted an IT company that would deliver that same level of service to his entire staff, no matter who needed help or what they needed.

“I know that if I make a call, I’ll get a resolution immediately,” says Mike. “I want everyone else in our organization to get that same level of response.”

Pickaway County DD Outsourced Their IT Needs To [VC3]'s Expert Team

“I had known about [VC3] for several years,” says Mike.

Fortunately, Mike didn’t have to look very far for a new IT company to partner with. He had already heard of [VC3], given that we worked with so many other County Boards of DD and related organizations throughout Ohio.

Mike knew from his colleagues that the [VC3] team had the resources, capabilities, and service quality he was looking for. He had heard plenty of stories about how we had helped County Boards of DD prevent, address, and overcome ransomware attacks and complete significant projects on time and under budget.

When it came time to hire a new IT company, Mike knew exactly who he wanted for his organization and team, so he chose to partner with [VC3].

VC3 Delivers County Board of DD Expertise You Can’t Get Anywhere Else.

“One of the unique things with [VC3] is that they’ve been working with several county DD boards,” says Mike.

Other companies may include County Boards in their list of varying client types they support. [VC3] is the only company in Ohio that is 100% focused on delivering tailored managed services and private cloud computing to this unique and specific type of organization.  Our focus and mission support organizations like Pickaway County DD every day.  Since the start of 2013, it’s simply what we do! [VC3] is a multi-time award winner and one of the top-rated MSPs in the country in the government and education sectors.

While most IT companies are general practitioners and work with all types of clients, some may specialize in delivering support to a specific vertical like the medical sector or financial industry. You’d be hard-pressed to find a single one with as much experience supporting DD-related organizations, especially County Boards of DD, as [VC3]. We are proud to work with a large number of organizations just like Pickaway County DD throughout the state, which has allowed us to develop a unique degree of expertise and experience.

“We tend to use a lot of the same software, so [VC3]’ engineers know our systems and the software we rely on,” says Mike.

[VC3] delivers much-needed expertise with the critical line of operations software that the Pickaway County DD relies on. They use several different software solutions to do their daily work. Having an expert IT partner who clearly understands these solutions and a direct personal relationship with the vendors is a valuable asset for Pickaway County DD.

VC3 Delivered The High-Quality IT Support Pickaway County DD Was Looking For

Mike and the Pickaway County DD staff have enjoyed responsive and committed support from day one of working with [Vc3]. Whether it’s Mike calling in with an issue or one of the other staff members, they trust they’ll get fast and effective support.

“They don’t ignore the issue, and they keep working until it gets solved,” says Mike. “It’s been favorable since day one.”

If [VC3] can’t immediately solve an IT issue and need to escalate it, we are careful to keep communicating with the Pickaway County DD staff.  Whereas other IT companies let low-priority issues persist while focusing on other matters, we are committed to solving every problem as quickly as possible.

“Help desk tickets don’t disappear,” says Mike. “They stay on [VC3]’ radar until they’re solved.”

VC3 Helped Pickaway County DD Keep Working Through The Pandemic

IT resources have never been as vital as they are now, as most professionals work from home. For organizations like this to stay connected and productive while working remotely, they need the right technologies and processes.

Due to how quickly the pandemic developed, many organizations could not prepare for the shift to a remote work setting. Doing so would have required careful planning, systematic execution of new processes, and expert implementation of new technologies. [VC3}’ partners were well prepared for this transition from an IT perspective, as secure and reliable remote access is a cornerstone of their service.

Pickaway County DD knew they needed an affordable, scalable, and secure solution that enabled an efficient remote workforce. Fortunately, they had {VC3] to rely on.

“After the pandemic started, we sent everyone to work from home,” says Mike. “We were able to keep operating smoothly.”

Before working with [VC3], Pickaway County DD’s remote access capabilities were less than ideal. Mike considered them “clunky,” as they often didn’t work exactly as needed or failed to function correctly.

“With [CV3], we did get a secure network,” says Mike. “Operationally, it’s much smoother. We now have the tools we need to do our jobs.”

[VC3] Helps Pickaway County DD Focus On Their Important Work

The best part of hiring [VC3] is allowing Mike and the entire Pickaway County DD staff to get back to their essential work. No matter what type of IT issue they encounter, they know they can rely on the friendly experts at [VC3] to help.

This is especially important for Mike, as he spent a lot of his time dealing with IT. Managing these issues would constantly pull his attention away from more important work.

“Before [VC3], I was the go-to person for IT issues,” says Mike. “That’s why I wanted an IT company that our staff would be comfortable calling and get a quick resolution.”

Now, Mike can focus on his critical role of being Pickaway County DD’s Superintendent. [VC3] has taken IT and the stress that comes with it off his plate for good. You could say we have and continue to deliver on our pledge of ‘Don’t worry about IT.’

[VC3] is dependable, has a wealth of knowledge, and a large team,” says Mike. “They work until your problems are resolved.”

About Pickaway County Board of DD

The Pickaway County Board of Developmental Disabilities was established in 1967 with the mission to empower those with disabilities to live, learn, work, and be involved in their community. In the decades since its start, Pickaway County DD has established a full range of services to support residents and their families in the local community.

Want to know how you can help? Pickaway County DD always needs committed and passionate team members, so make sure to check out their Employment Opportunities page.

Mike Pelcic, Superintendent

Pickaway County DD

[VC3] is dependable, has a wealth of knowledge, and a large team. They work until your problems are resolved.

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