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2024 Managed IT Services Cost & Pricing Guide

You’ve probably heard about how managed IT services saves businesses money and are wondering if that’s possible for your organization too. This guide will help walk you through different pricing strategies and costs you can expect.

Nonprofit Partners With VC3 For DD Expertise & Experience

Production Services Unlimited, based in Lebanon, OH works with [VC3] to provide the organization’s IT services and IT support.

Industry: Non-Profit
Industry: Non-Profit
Location: Lebanon, OH
Location: Lebanon, OH
Employees: 2-10
Employees: 2-10

Production Services Unlimited started their customer journey working with GO-Concepts. They are now being supported by VC3 since the acquisition of GO-Concepts in 2023.

Given the specific nature of their work, Production Services Unlimited, Inc. (PSU) needs an IT partner that understands its mission, its goals, and its operations. That’s why they work with the dedicated professionals at [VC3] — discover more in this video with PSU’s Jeff Deaton.

Delivering Expertise & Experience For DD-Related Organizations

PSU chose to partner with [VC3] because of our extensive experience working with DD organizations like theirs and our understanding of the important work they do. Our team knows what their priorities are, and are uniquely prepared to support their IT systems.

“Having a company that understands what works better for an agency that serves people with DD is helpful,” says Jeff Deaton, Employment Services Director, PSU. “They have ideas for what tools might be helpful because they’ve already done it at other places.”

Whether it’s providing help desk support, onsite assistance, or advice on long-term strategic planning and implementing projects, the [VC3] team supports Jeff and PSU in what they do every day. Our expert assistance ensures the PSU team can focus on the important work they do.

“Outsourcing IT to another agency is very beneficial to us, as it takes it off the plate of somebody here,” says Jeff. “Our priority here is the people we serve; having professionals that know what they’re doing with IT keeping an eye on our stuff is extremely beneficial.”

There When PSU Needs Helps

“It takes no time at all, which is extremely awesome,” says Jeff. “They’re usually here within a couple of hours, which is a bonus for us.”

PSU knows they can rely on [VC3] to be responsive and effective no matter what degree of support is required. Whether it’s a simple fix over the phone or a more time-intensive troubleshoot onsite, we work fast to solve PSU’s problems.

“They’re all very responsive and very quick to get to the root of the problem,” says Jeff.

Managing Projects From End To End

Not too long ago, PSU wanted to move its files and applications from a web-based SharePoint server to a new server. After initially meeting with our team to talk through the goals, timeline, and budget, they were able to leave the project to us.

“They took over all of it, and met with us regularly through the process,” says Jeff. “They took it and ran with it.”

Over the course of the project, our team members met with Jeff and PSU on a regular basis. We provided progress reports, asked for input, and ensured the final result would align with PSU’s preferences for their new server.

This careful management process ensured the project was completed on time and within their budget, and met each of their requirements. Our team handled it from end to end so that PSU’s staff could continue to focus on their work.

The Committed IT Partner That PSU Needs

No matter what type of IT issue PSU has, they know they can rely on the [VC3] team. Whether they have a small issue or need to start planning a major project, they trust that [VC3] will be there to help them.

“That’s what we’re looking for—somebody to help us when we really need it,” says Jeff.

About Production Services Unlimited, Inc.

Production Services Unlimited, Inc. (PSU)  is a nonprofit that provides employment support, development, and placement services for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Founded more than four decades ago, PSU offers a vast range of services that support and allow every individual to connect to their community and develop a greater degree of independence.

Jeff Deaton, Employment Services Director

Production Services Unlimited

Having a company that understands what works better for an agency that serves people with DD is helpful. They have ideas for what tools might be helpful because they’ve already done it at other places.

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