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Security Awareness Training

Transform your
employees into a
defensive asset for
your organization’s

Organizations turn to VC3 for
Security Awareness Training
when they...

Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Feel like their employees could be the entry point for a cyberattack.

Security Awareness Certificate

Need proof that their employees have gone through security awareness training in order to comply with laws and regulations.

Cyber Attack Awareness

Want to teach their employees how to spot an attack, and what to do in the event of an attack.

Cybersecurity Resilience Strategy

Lack the proper security awareness knowledge, training, and reporting that’s necessary for protecting their organization.

Employee Cause Cyber Attack

Have had an employee unknowingly compromise their organization because they were prone to a cyberattack.

The capacity, skill set, and experience to help you AIM higher.

Fast Deployment

A streamlined onboarding process that quickly trains and educates your employees.

Tailored Compliance Training

Customized training that’s tailored to your unique systems, environment, and workforce’s skill level.

Practical Innovation + Costs

Right-sized solutions with predictable costs that are tailored to your organization’s security training needs.

Hybrid Workforce Security

Computer-based training and phishing tests that employees can access from any computer at any time.

Strategic Consulting

Get a forward-thinking partner that helps you evaluate your options, identify vulnerabilities, and stay protected.

Decreased Vulnerabilities

Ongoing phishing tests, security training, and reporting that help employees protect your sensitive data.

VC3 keeps your organization protected and prepared.

1,100+ municipalities and 700+ businesses turn to VC3 to get out of the IT trenches and back to working on what matters.

28+ Years

of Experience Evolving with the Threat Landscape

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“They come to the table as a partner and a friend.”
“They come to the table as a partner and friend. It’s a great way to go for any organization that’s looking to extend to a third party like this, so why wouldn’t you do it with somebody who feels like they’re part of your team already.”

▸ Carolynne McCaughey

Director, Corporate Services, Morgan Construction and Environmental

Let’s talk about how VC3 can help you

AIM higher.

Let’s talk

about how VC3

can help you

AIM Higher.