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"VC3 has made it easier than ever before for our local government to serve our citizens by providing us with modern web tools and a team
of talented and courteous professionals.
City of Valdosta, GA

2024 Managed IT Services Cost & Pricing Guide

You’ve probably heard about how managed IT services saves businesses money and are wondering if that’s possible for your organization too. This guide will help walk you through different pricing strategies and costs you can expect.


Fire Departments

We’ll help you put out IT fires—for good. 

Stay Resilient and Secure While Sticking to Your Budget 

Fire departments heavily rely on their emergency response capabilities, data management, and overall operational efficiency to rapidly respond to a wide variety of situations. Given the critical nature of emergency response activities, ensuring the resilience and security of IT systems is paramount for fire departments. 

Part of a fire department’s mission involves protecting sensitive data such as emergency response plans, incident reports, and personnel records. And for firefighters to do their best, your operations—relying on information technology—must be as efficient as possible. Yet, many fire departments still rely on legacy IT systems that may be outdated and lack modern security features. 

When you have the right technology infrastructure, systems secure from cyberattacks, and IT support ready to respond 24/7, then public safety and trust gets an extra boost by: 

  • Eliminating nagging technology issues that impede and frustrate firefighters 
  • Protecting sensitive and confidential information to comply with regulations (such as HIPAA) and ensure the highest data integrity 
  • Staying within a tight budget using right-sized solutions that scale with the growth of your department 

VC3 has spent the last 30 years making IT personal, making IT easy, and getting IT right.

A resilient technology foundation supported by cybersecurity best practices ensures you enhance your emergency response, protect confidential data, and increase operational efficiency. 


Managed Services

Get 24/7 support, enable your department, and keep IT costs predictable.



Secure sensitive information while complying with HIPAA and other regulations.


Technology Enablement

Tackle projects related to important systems such as Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping, and records management.

Trusted by over 1,100 municipalities in the US and Canada

VC3 helps our clients use technology to empower staff, stay safe in a dangerous cyber world, and become more resident-focused.

City of Breda, Iowa Addresses Cybersecurity Risks

Breda—like many small cities— has a small staff. With no budget to hire a full-time or even a part-time IT employee, Breda still has IT needs as employees rely on computers and software to perform work. Relying on non-technical city staff to fix IT problems is too risky, and so Breda needed to look at unique IT options that met its needs.

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City of Decatur, Georgia Improves Its Budgeting Process

The City of Decatur, Georgia, faced collaboration and document management challenged as they entered their budgeting process. Instead of accepting the status quo, they looked to their IT partner, VC3, for input about a better document collaboration solution.

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Town of Nashville, North Carolina Modernizes IT Foundation

The Town of Nashville established a partnership with VC3 to perform an assessment that identified high-impact changes that could be made immediately.  A tailored plan was then built to update their IT infrastructure, solving immediate challenges and setting up the Town for future success. 

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Since contracting with VC3, our existing issues became nonexistent.

IT issues are handled with expediency and the equipment recommended by VC3 is of high quality. When there is a need for onsite service, VC3 is responsive to our requests and usually sends someone out within 24-48 hours depending on the severity of the problem. VC3 technicians are genial, professional, and very patient with those who lack even the most basic IT knowledge.

Police Chief Christopher Hodge
City of Auburn, Georgia

I enjoy the personal relationship aspect of Manage Essentials

In addition to VC3’s technical help and expertise, I enjoy the personal relationship aspect of Manage Essentials. Their IT engineers are sweet and dear to me. In the Midwest, many of our business dealings are built on a personal relationship. With VC3, it’s easy to develop a personal relationship with them. It’s not just about equipment and services. With a good personal relationship in place, if things do go wrong with IT, it’s so much easier to communicate about what went wrong. It’s fine when everything’s fine, but it’s when things go wrong—that’s when the personal relationship really comes into play.

Nancy Janssen, City Clerk
City of Breda, Iowa

VC3 did a great job following everything that we wanted to include in our new website

So many people expect web-based services today, and a city or town can seem last century if the website doesn’t exist or feels obsolete. Many website companies give you a dog and pony show, make a lot of promises, and fail to deliver on them. Given the website outline we created, VC3 did a great job following everything that we wanted to include in our new website. It’s the only time I’ve ever designed a website where that actually happened. We could trust what VC3 planned to deliver to us and are extremely happy with the end results.

Nathan Fitts, Council Member
City of Blue Ridge, Georgia

I knew what kind of IT services I wanted and I found them in VC3

In my previous work experience, IT departments reported to me. I knew fairly well what VC3 proposed to provide our city with Manage Essentials. Once implemented, Manage Essentials provided us a competent, contemporary IT support infrastructure. I am still pleasantly surprised that VC3 responds to service tickets so quickly. I knew what kind of IT services I wanted and I found them in VC3—at a cost that’s doable for a small city.

David Nixon, Mayor
City of Bull Shoals, Arkansas

Comprehensive IT Services

Some of the ways we help fire departments include:

  • Building and managing a solid, scalable infrastructure
  • Maximizing cybersecurity with layered defenses such as endpoint security
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations, such as HIPAA
  • Ensuring the availability and integrity of critical data such as emergency response plans and incident records
  • Designing cost effective data storage solutions
  • Implementing and supporting communication and collaboration tools
  • Managing mobile devices and equipment endpoints used by firefighters and emergency personnel
  • Creating security policies and procedures
  • Providing continuous monitoring of IT systems and 24/7 technical support
  • Providing IT support for Incident Command System (ICS) applications used in emergency response

Technology Can’t Fail You in an Emergency

People in your department are cool under crisis, often putting their lives on the line to save others. That’s not the time for technology to fail them. They deserve better. 

Make the Emergency IT Call Today

Fire departments rely on technology more and more every day. Make the call today to begin addressing your IT challenges and risks. 

VC3 has the capacity, skill set, and over 30 years of experience helping fire departments AIM higher.

  • Deep Experience with Fire Departments

    30 years of experience serving the IT needs of fire departments—with expertise in HIPAA compliance, records management, Incident Command Systems, and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. 

  • Fast Resolution Time

    We understand that downtime is unacceptable, and technology should not be a barrier when serving the public. Our average minutes to resolution is 45 minutes, which minimizes disruption. 

  • 25/7 Support and a Trusted, Local Presence

    We are dedicated to providing 24/7/365 IT support no matter your location. With engineers located all across North America, VC3 is there for your fire department no matter the time of day or type of request. We’re always available—just like you. 

  • Comprehensive Solutions

    We offer a range of advanced technology solutions that help fire departments improve their operations, enhance cybersecurity, and comply with regulations. 

  • Proactive, Long-Term View

    Our Strategic Advisors guide fire departments through evolving compliance requirements and ensure they have the correct technology in place to meet organizational goals. 

  • Specialized, Strategic Expertise

    Our team has extensive experience with fire departments of all sizes, and we are dedicated to providing proactive guidance to help you achieve your goals. 

Our approach to technology enables your fire department to AIM Higher.

Lots of companies can set up your laptops or manage your infrastructure. In order to contend with today's challenges, you need more than a break-fix vendor with a "24/7" help desk ticket to nowhere. You need a proactive partner that stops the issues before they start. That's where VC3 comes in. 

Over 1,100 municipalities turn to VC3 to meet the challenges of today’s complex technology + regulatory landscape.


Response Time + Onsite Support


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Less IT Incidents After 3 Months

Let's talk about how VC3 can help you AIM higher.