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"VC3 has made it easier than ever before for our local government to serve our citizens by providing us with modern web tools and a team
of talented and courteous professionals.
City of Valdosta, GA

2024 Managed IT Services Cost & Pricing Guide

You’ve probably heard about how managed IT services saves businesses money and are wondering if that’s possible for your organization too. This guide will help walk you through different pricing strategies and costs you can expect.


Municipal Water/Sewer Authorities

Protect your critical infrastructure while improving service delivery 

A Strong, Secure Technology Foundation Positively Impacts Your Residents

Municipal water/sewer authorities and departments oversee some of the most important critical infrastructure impacting residents. Water delivery, wastewater management, and quality of water affect the lives of residents every day. To deliver these essential services, you need the right technology infrastructure that’s secure, reliable, and fully supported. 

Yet, many municipal water/sewer organizations struggle with aging infrastructure and networks that open them up to security risks, service delivery issues, and compliance failures. More cyber threats exist than ever before—from remote access compromises to third-party security holes—that threaten your mission. 

With the right technology infrastructure, systems secure from cyberattacks, and IT support ready to respond 24/7, you benefit by: 

  • Improving the reliability of your systems and network
  • Protecting critical infrastructure from cyberattacks and complying with cybersecurity regulations
  • Staying within your budget using right-sized solutions that scale with your growth 

VC3 has spent the last 29 years making IT personal, making IT easy, and getting IT right.

A resilient technology foundation supported by cybersecurity best practices improves your ability to deliver essential services, protect critical infrastructure, and improve operational efficiency. 


Managed Services

Get 24/7 support, increase systems reliability, and keep IT costs predictable.



Secure sensitive information while complying with regulations.


Technology Enablement

Tackle application, records management, and automation projects.

Trusted by over 1,100 municipalities in the US and Canada

VC3 helps our clients use technology to empower staff, stay safe in a dangerous cyber world, and become more resident-focused.

Water Agency Looked for a Right-sized IT Company and Found an IT Business Partner

Joe Joswiak’s experience with finding the right IT vendor went from one extreme to another before he found the right one. The first one was too small. The next one was too big. Then he found the one that was just right.

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Water District Won't Sacrifice IT Services to Save a Few Bucks

The Cabazon Water District is quite small compared to some of the other water agencies in the state of California, serving about 5,000 people, but the district needs to meet the same requirements that all the other districts have for regulatory compliance and security.

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Staff Working, Water Flowing, Business Humming

For Dani McGee, CFO for the City of Big Bear Lake Department of Water, keeping the water flowing and operations humming are both important and neither can be done these days without technology. As Dani and the staff at the water district work daily to meet customer needs, they are always looking for ways to become more progressive.

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You get what you pay for and we can't risk sacrificing services by always going the cheaper end. Now that we're with VC3, everything just runs really smoothly around here.

Elizabeth Lemus, Business Manager
Cabazon Water District

They placed us in a position to better service our staff.

Every organization is only as good as their staff, and everybody that I’ve met at VC3 is top-notch. VC3 has done a very good job of creating a very good organization that is extremely business-friendly and user-friendly. I have no problems recommending them to anybody.

Joe Joswiak, CFO
Chino Basin Watermaster

Comprehensive IT Services

Some of the ways we help healthcare organizations include:

  • Building and managing a solid, scalable infrastructure
  • Maximizing cybersecurity with layered defenses such as endpoint security
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations, such as those set by environmental agencies
  • Ensuring the availability and integrity of critical data
  • Designing cost effective data storage solutions
  • Implementing and supporting communication, data sharing, and collaboration tools
  • Creating security policies and procedures
  • Providing continuous monitoring of IT systems and 24/7 technical support
  • Providing IT support for SCADA systems and municipal applications
  • Conducting regular risk assessments and security awareness training

Technology Is a Utility

Just like the services you provide your residents, technology is an important utility. When it’s working, you take it for granted. When it’s not, it’s a problem. A big problem. 

Turn On Better IT Today

Too much is on the line for you to put up with constant IT crises, reactive IT support, and aging infrastructure. Make the call today to begin addressing your IT challenges and risks. 

VC3 has the capacity, skill set, and over 30 years of experience helping water/sewer authorities and departments AIM higher.

  • Deep Experience with Municipal Water/ Sewer

    30 years of experience serving the IT needs of water/sewer authorities and departments—with expertise in SCADA systems, municipal applications, and relevant regulations. 

  • Fast Resolution Time

    We understand that downtime is unacceptable, and technology should not be a barrier when serving the public. Our average minutes to resolution is 45 minutes, which minimizes disruption. 

  • 24/7 Support and a Trusted, Local Presence

    We are dedicated to providing 24/7/365 IT support no matter your location. With engineers located all across North America, VC3 is there for you no matter the time of day or type of request. 

  • Municipal League Partnership

    Municipal leagues endorse our IT products and services to meet the needs of member towns and cities. 

  • Proactive, Long-Term View

    Our Strategic Advisors guide you through evolving compliance requirements and ensure you have the correct technology in place to meet organizational goals. 

  • Specialized, Strategic Expertise

    Our team has extensive experience with water/sewer authorities and departments of all sizes, and we are dedicated to providing proactive guidance to help you achieve your goals. 

Our approach to technology enables your water/sewer authority to AIM Higher.

Lots of companies can set up your laptops or manage your infrastructure. In order to contend with today's challenges, you need more than a break-fix vendor with a "24/7" help desk ticket to nowhere. You need a proactive partner that stops the issues before they start. That's where VC3 comes in. 

Over 1,100 municipalities turn to VC3 to meet the challenges of today’s complex technology + regulatory landscape.


Response Time + Onsite Support


From a Team of 100% North American-Based Experts

85 %

Less IT Incidents After 3 Months

Let's talk about how VC3 can help you AIM higher.