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"VC3 has made it easier than ever before for our local government to serve our citizens by providing us with modern web tools and a team
of talented and courteous professionals.
City of Valdosta, GA
Get out of the IT trenches

Municipal Disaster Recovery Checklist

Download the guide for real-life scenarios, containing data backup lessons and a checklist to help ensure you are ready for a disaster. 

Municipal League Partnerships

VC3 is the IT partner that focuses on municipalities. We understand your budgeting cycles and critical

2023 Managed IT Services Cost & Pricing Guide

You’ve probably heard about how managed IT services saves businesses money and are wondering if that’s possible for your organization too. This guide will help walk you through different pricing strategies and costs you can expect.

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Professional Services

More Time for Client Work With Reliable IT

Technology-Enabled, Not Technology-Hindered

The professional services industry has embraced technology in many ways. But what some businesses are finding is that with every new application they add, complexity increases, new issues pop up, and what was supposed to be a time saver turns out to be a time drain. 

When staff get a better technology experience, they have more time for client work, and your company can provide a higher level of service. 

Enable your staff to spend more time with clients.
Streamline processes while improving client experience.
Safely store and manage access to data.

VC3 has spent the last 29 years making IT personal, making IT easy, and getting IT right for 700+ businesses.

With proactive IT management, it’s possible to enable your people and your business with the technology that helps you meet your goals for efficient and cost-effective management. 


Managed Services

Drastically reduce the time employees waste getting IT to work.


Cybersecurity + Data Backup

Protect customer data and ensure compliance.


Technology Enablement

Automate and streamline mundane, repetitive tasks.

VC3 has the capacity, skill set, and over 29 years of experience helping you AIM higher.

  • Strategic IT Investments

    IT strategy and efficiency that gets you the most bang for your buck in the short-term, while planning for the long-term.

  • Unparalleled Support

    100% North American 24/7 IT helpdesk with both remote and onsite support.

  • Practical Innovation

    Stay leading edge without bloated solutions that drive up costs.

  • Proactive Insights

    Get a forward-thinking partner that keeps you current, efficient, and protected.

  • Right-Sized Solutions

    IT solutions with a long-term view that balances simplicity with strength.

  • Specialized Expertise

    Experts that help you use technology to minimize risk, increase clarity, and gain confidence.

Your IT Business Partner

Some of the ways we help professional services firms include:

  • Fast response and 24/7 support
  • Interpreting technical aspects of regulatory compliance
  • Maximizing cybersecurity with layered defenses
  • Managing mobile devices for security and data visibility
  • Optimizing the use of cloud applications
  • Integrating data capture systems
  • Designing systems to optimize internet connectivity
  • Enabling staff to work from anywhere
  • Establishing data backup and disaster recovery procedures
  • Unlimited support desk calls

Inefficiencies Never Fix Themselves

Wouldn’t you like to find and fix the root causes of the inefficiencies and IT issues that are stealing time away from your staff on a daily basis? 

Alleviate the IT Burden

Learn how VC3 can give your company the IT results you need for efficient operations and transform IT from a complicated burden into a powerful tool for success.

Our approach to technology enables your organization to AIM Higher.

Lots of companies can set up your laptops or manage your infrastructure. In order to contend with today's challenges, you need more than a break-fix vendor with a "24/7" help desk ticket to nowhere. You need a proactive partner that stops the issues before they start. That's where VC3 comes in.

We can rest assured, knowing we've got a team that cares about us and who's being proactive.

Kerry Bubb
President, KWB & Associates

Over 700 businesses turn to VC3 to meet the challenges of today’s complex technology + regulatory landscape.


Response Time + Onsite Support

85 %
Decrease in IT Issues

After 3 Months


from a Team of 100% North American-Based Experts

Let's talk about how VC3 can help you AIM higher.