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Sumter Moves to the Cloud

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Source: Municipal Assocation of South Carolina’s Uptown Publication

Sumter officials have faced the same ongoing budget constraints as many communities because of the weak economy coupled with increased demands for city services. In 2012, Sumter made the strategic decision to move to a private cloud hosted desktop solution for its IT services as one way to meet some of its budget challenges.

“Sumter’s hosted desktop solution has the look and feel of a traditional computer. However, all of the software and data reside on servers located in a secure data center, or ‘in the cloud’, which gives the city a more strategic way to manage its IT resources and associated costs,” explained Larry Mattox, VC3’s government solutions specialist.VC3 is the Municipal Association’s technology partner.

The cloud-based solution has relieved the City of Sumter from having to purchase, install and support IT equipment and applications for many of the city staff. Instead of significant capital expenditures, Sumter officials now budget for a consistent monthly IT charge. The PCs, servers, software licensing fees and other equipment are part of the city’s cloud service.

“As an added benefit, our employees have access to the most up-to-date applications, and our data is housed in multiple VC3 secure data centers,” explained Sumter City Manager Deron McCormick. “This fits in with our overall business continuity plan. In case of a disaster, we will not lose access to our applications or data. With this hosted desktop solution, our city’s data is always available from any location using any device. We will be able to continue to operate and provide city services.”

Unlike many public cloud vendors with shared resources, a private cloud solution provides each municipality with its own dedicated resources to ensure a secure environment with high performance.

“In Sumter, we have gotten completely out of the day-to-day IT business,” concluded McCormick. “The cloud allows staff to focus on more strategic tasks and spend more time serving our residents.”