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VC3 Modernizes Nashville, North Carolina’s IT Foundation and Quickly Addresses Technology Issues with a Predictable Budget

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When a small North Carolina town of 5,500 residents hired a new Town Manager, he brought a new perspective on IT services. It’s not only possible but necessary for even a small town to achieve powerful and reliable IT. Without it, employees are frustrated, productivity declines, and resident services can suffer. 

How can a small town climb out of an IT pit and regain healthy, supportive IT? 

The Challenge – Outdated Infrastructure and the Need for a New Plan 

The Town’s infrastructure was outdated and performing poorly. Calls with residents were being disrupted due to issues with the phone system. Data backups were not in place, putting the Town at risk should there be a hardware failure, cyberattack, or disaster. Additionally, there were concerns with the compliance and security requirements being up to date. 

The Town had outgrown its IT services and needed far more than a reactive, break-fix approach. It became abundantly clear to the new Town Manager that IT was an anchor instead of a propeller when the issues bubbled over into affecting resident services. 

The Solution – IT Assessment and Updated Infrastructure 

The Town of Nashville established a partnership with VC3. The first step was to perform an assessment. The assessment identified high impact changes that could be made immediately. This alleviated the fear of IT dollars being spent unwisely and created complete clarity for what to do next. 

We were then able to build a tailored plan to update their IT infrastructure. The plan included steps to solve their immediate challenges and set up the Town for future success. 

A Solid Foundation 

Once the assessment was complete, it was clear the network infrastructure needed replacing. A solid foundation was needed before anything new could be built upon it. This can seem like an overwhelming task for any organization. But as their IT partner, we were able to coordinate the work and get it done while the Town focused on serving its residents. 

Prepared for the What Ifs 

The Town needed to be sure its data was protected in the case of a disaster or cyberattack. The hosted backup agreement with VC3 ensured that critical data for the Town Hall and Police Department was safely backed up and able to be easily recovered. 

Reliable Communication 

A Voice over IP (VoIPphone system replaced the outdated and problematic phone system. Calls into the Town’s departments are now clear and reliable. Additionally, this simplified the Town’s IT management by consolidating these services within one partnership. 

A Predictable, Transparent IT Budget 

By partnering with VC3 for their IT needs, the Town has a clear view of IT spending, and expenses are predictable. The IT roadmap currently in process will outline future investments to make budgeting simpler for the Town. 

The Results – IT Leadership and Future Planning 

The Town of Nashville now has true IT leadership. Strategy and planning sessions in the Town include a technology voice at the table. With VC3 as the single technology partner, the Town no longer struggles to manage multiple IT vendors and the communication headaches that often come with it. 

Confidence Instead of Frustration 

The Town’s hardware and software systems are safe, secure, and stable. Employees can work more efficiently with less downtime and interruptions. And with the help of their virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), a roadmap is now in place for future technology projects.     

Faster Resolution 

VC3 is solving 72% of the Town’s issues in under 8 hours. The national average to respond to tickets is 24.2 hours according to Zendesk, a leading service ticket software company. 

Predictable Budgeting 

The Town has a predictable IT budget that’s regularly reviewed by their vCIO, and there are no more unexpected budget swings.   


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