Web Protect

Web Content Filtering

Prevent employees from accessing malicious or risky websites.

Organizations turn to VC3's
Web Protect
services when they...

Web Content Filtering​ Employees

Want to proactively block employees from accessing websites that may cause harm to their organization.

Network Web Content Filtering​

Want to protect their employees on and off their organization’s network.

Cyberattack Prevention

Want to prevent a user from unknowingly participating in a cyberattack.

Web Content Filtering​ Employee Productivity

Want their employees to be more focused and productive at work.


Advanced Web Protection Features That Reduce Your Organizational Risk

Malware Prevention
Automatically block malicious websites to prevent malware from downloading, executing, and infecting your systems.

Proactive Detection + Filtering
Detect and filter out malware while also placing restrictions on what internet content employees can access.

End-to-End Network Protection
Protect devices on your network or even off your network—such as an employee working remotely and connecting to the internet.

Cyberattack Prevention
Prevent cyberattacks by stopping an employee from accessing a website that downloads malware to their computer without their knowledge.

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Fast Deployment​

Fast Deployment

A streamlined onboarding process that quickly ramps up your organization’s web protection.

Reduce Risk​

Reduce Risk

Prevent access to problematic websites that make your organization more prone to a cybersecurity incident.

Predictable Pricing​

Affordable Pricing

We help you avoid overpriced solutions that drive up costs.

Reduce Malware Threats​

Reduce Malware Threats

Prevent malware from downloading, executing, and infecting your systems.

Increased Employee Productivity​

Increased Employee Productivity

Help employees stay focused and productive by stopping unnecessary and irrelevant web browsing.

Cyberattack Prevention​

Cyberattack Prevention

Stop cyberattacks at the source by preventing employees from accessing malicious websites.

VC3 keeps your organization
proactive and protected.


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"With VC3, I don’t have to worry about these problems.”

“My advice for any city would be to ask themselves, “Who’s doing your virus protection? And who’s doing your backup? Where is it?” Monthly data backup is not enough. And sometimes you think you’re backing up, but you’re not. You really don’t want to wait until ransomware strikes, half of your files disappear, or you can’t boot up in the morning. With VC3, I don’t have to worry about these problems.”

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Let’s talk

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