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What Does the Client Strategy and Success Department at VC3 Do?

Everything about delivering a great client experience at VC3 involves teamwork. Many team members work behind the scenes, and an ordinary computer user might never speak to them or know who they are. Then there are the people in the Client Strategy and Success department. They’re the ones who have regular contact with clients as they work beside them to create their organization’s custom technology strategy and walk with them hand-in-hand as it’s implemented.

At VC3, IT strategy and client success go together because the IT results we’re after aren’t just about progress – the journey along the way is just as important as the destination.

Let’s look at the roles in this department, how they interact with clients, and how their contributions impact client outcomes and experience.

Roles in the Client Strategy and Success Department

The three roles in this department are Technology Advisors (TA), Client Success Managers (CSM), and Technology Procurement Specialists. These positions have different objectives and tasks, but at their core, these people are relationship builders who are continually in tune with what’s going on with clients.

Technology Advisors

Technology Advisors act as virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIOs) for clients. They meet with executives to learn about their business and their goals, so they can create an IT strategy that feeds forward progress. vCIOs are knowledgeable about both business and technology, and they’re experts at connecting the two.

Ammon - circle“I work with many different industries in my role. I work with doctors, manufacturers, farmers, fabricators, and law offices. I love to understand how they work and make sure we’re doing everything we can to make them be as successful as possible.” – Ammon, Technology Advisor

For many new clients just starting out with us, IT strategy is focused on improving their IT environment so that it’s predictable and supportable. Once they have a solid IT foundation, IT strategy revolves around finding new ways to leverage technology for business success.

The process of creating an IT strategy is immensely collaborative. There’s a lot of back and forth between TAs and business leaders as options are explored and plans are drafted.

TAs are expert communicators, but that doesn’t mean they do all the talking. They’re good at listening to customer needs and connecting those needs with technology solutions.

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Client Success Managers

Client Success Managers (CSMs) are experts on clients in a different way. They're focused on removing friction and roadblocks, and ensuring clients have a great experience as they use our services.

They’re the go-to person for any and all client questions. If they don’t know the answer to a question, they’ll find it. They also proactively communicate with clients through monthly reporting and participate in meetings alongside the Technology Advisor.

Erica_A - circle“Client Success Managers meet with the Technology Advisors on a regular basis to stay up to date with our clients’ overall IT strategy and on any upcoming projects. We’re very much involved in supporting projects and guiding clients through the process.” – Erica, Client Success Team Lead

While they know and regularly engage with the main point-of-contact at client companies, CSMs are the first introduction your employees will have with VC3, so they have frequent contact with HR and department heads at client companies. They’re involved with initial onboarding and become part of your new employee onboarding process as they make sure there’s no confusion about how to contact support or convey their technology needs.

CSMs are always looking for other ways that VC3 can help clients. What often pops up in conversations is the need for employee technology training. CSMs guide clients to training resources and facilitate ongoing cyber security awareness training through the KnowBe4 platform.

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Technology Procurement Specialist

The Technology Procurement Specialist is more of a behind-the-scenes role, but you might interact with them when you’re purchasing new hardware, software, or a technology project. They’re focused on quoting and sourcing the right technology products at the best price – and available in the right time frame – for clients.

With today’s supply chain issues and inventory shortages, that’s not always an easy task. It requires problem-solving skills, flexibility, and persistence to get the materials clients need.

Richard - circle“We do our best to go through all the different vendors and distributors to find the best availability and price. I present the options, then monitor the fulfillment process after the quotes are approved, the goods are ordered, and we receive them.”      – Richard, Technology Procurement Specialist

The Technology Procurement Specialist is critical to project success. They’re in constant communication with the TAs, CSMs, vendors, distributors, and clients to keep everyone in the loop, ensuring that things are moving as swiftly as possible.

The Destination and the Journey Are Equally Important

Here at VC3, we’ve created roles and processes to help clients develop their IT strategy and give them the best possible experience no matter where they are on the path toward their goals. Our Technology Advisors, Client Success Managers, and Technology Procurement Specialist are a sign that we’re committed to providing our clients with the best IT results and experience possible.

If that’s a big hole in the relationship you have with your managed IT service provider, we should talk. Get in touch to explore what your IT experience might look like with VC3 beside you.

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