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Disruption Magazine Canada is Nation’s First Technology Magazine on Amazon’s Alexa


For Immediate Release: Sept 27, 2018

EDMONTON - Disruption Magazine, Canada’s first publication dedicated to disruptive technologies, will be the first Canadian technology publication offered by Amazon’s Alexa and Alexa for Business.

The magazine can be accessed through the Skill Store and enabled on Alexa and Alexa for Business starting today.

About Disruption Magazine

Disruption Magazine is Canada’s first magazine focused on disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Virtual Reality. Created by VC3, a provider of managed IT services throughout Canada, Disruption seeks to expose readers to emerging technologies for business while also showing the human impact of these developments.

First introduced in April 2018, the publication has a print reach of 3,800 and over 8,000 online subscribers, with readers concentrated primarily in Canada but also in the U.S., China, and India.

The latest edition of the magazine will be available on Alexa, with previous issues to follow. All three issues can also be accessed on the website in both reader and audio formats:

About Alexa and Alexa for Business

Alexa, a virtual assistant developed by Amazon, is operated with voice commands and can do everything from controlling lights in a room and looking up recipes to recommending restaurants and setting reminders for important meetings.

Alexa for Business is designed to give organizations easy access to all of Alexa’s functions, including being able to manage all Alexa devices, enrolling users, and creating voice skills that can be shared privately within an organization. Alexa also allows users to make products controllable by voice command, which is also context-aware.

Alexa users can access Disruption Magazine by going to the Skill Store, searching for ‘Disruption Magazine,’ and then enabling it.

For more information on Alexa:

Disruption Magazine:


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