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No Ceilings on Career Potential – Spotlight on Jon W.


When a new product or service is launched at VC3, it probably has Jon W.’s fingerprints on it. Jon is the company's Marketing Strategy Manager, and his job is to create the go-to-market strategies that enable the business development and client strategy teams to be as successful as possible when they’re having conversations in the marketplace with clients and prospects.

Jon’s role requires that he always has his eyes and ears open for new opportunities. Whethervc3.comhubfs1700218_Quote-JonW_Opt1-1080x1080_080823 it’s observing trends or examining a new vertical, he works with stakeholders to develop new products and services. Then he crafts the strategies that align the new offerings with the message that will resonate with the audience.

There’s never a dull day in Jon’s world and that suits him because he’s an active person and does not like to do the same thing over and over again.

“Technology is constantly changing so you’ve got to keep up,” said Jon. “Every day I learn something new, whether it’s a new technology or a new strategy, or a new marketing technique.” 

No Previous Industry Experience Was No Problem

Jon started his professional career right out of university as a business analyst in the UK. It wasn’t long after that when he moved to Canada and was offered a six-month contract to work as a business analyst with what was then CompuVision. Three months in, he was offered a full-time job.

Jon had never worked in the managed IT service industry before this job but that was never a barrier to his success. He’s passionately curious by nature, so he actively sought out answers to the questions that came up.

“Everybody helped me learn,” Jon explained. “Those in leadership were very helpful, walking me through what managed IT services are. I made friends with people in each section of the business so I had people who I could go to for questions.”

Jon’s role had already shifted from business analyst to product manager when CompuVision merged with VC3 in 2022. As a result of the merger, the company grew overnight from about 150 people to over 500. Jon’s opportunity to make an impact grew too as he became VC3’s Marketing Strategy Manager. 

Guiding Force for Go-to-Market Strategies

Jon is equally autonomous and collaborative in his work at VC3. He regularly communicates with stakeholders across the business, but at the same time he’s the one who is the guiding force taking new products and services from concept to market.

“Jon has created a space for himself where people seek him out because of his initiative, expertise and his ability to deliver at an exceptional level,” said Jon’s supervisor, Efrem, Senior VP of Marketing. 

Jon knows that he has a reputation for getting stuff done. To him, it’s a sign that a culture of trust has been cultivated and trust is critical for people to serve as one together.

“Everyone’s always willing to help with what we need to do to keep the business moving forward and that’s really where the teamwork starts to shine,” said Jon. “Someone says, I can help with this portion. And another says I can help with this. We all drive this thing forward to the finish line together.”

Jon says that the amount of opportunity for professional development at VC3 is staggering. There are no ceilings to the career potential that continues to grow, and he will have some decisions to make in the future as to where he wants to take his career. 

Driving Personal and Company Success

“As VC3 becomes a company of scale and size, Jon has put himself in the driver seat by embodying the values of the business and earning the trust of everyone at VC3 from the CEO down. By helping the business identify areas of growth, he now has the chance to choose what he wants to work on as the company grows” said his supervisor, Efrem.

Whatever direction Jon decides to go in his career at VC3, the path will be paved with challenges to go beyond and new things to learn. He recognizes that today he probably can’t picture what his job is going to be like in five or even just two years. But that’s okay. That’s what makes it fun.

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