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Why IT Assessments and Audits are Important, Especially During Times of Crisis


During times of crisis, many organizations will look to make savings where they can. Running a fully operational business during troubled times can be challenging, and there are times when it is more sensible to take a step back and assess the changing landscape.

Downsizing during a crisis makes a lot of sense, but it is not something that organizations should do lightly. Most importantly, downsizing without a full understanding of your business, its systems and processes, and its current capabilities can be disastrous.

So, if you are planning to downsize your IT teams during the COVID-19 outbreak, it is important to first understand what you have and what you need. And while it might seem counterintuitive, conducting an audit or an IT assessment can be the best way of saving money in the long term.

Audits give you two precious things - knowledge and understanding - that allow you to make the most of what you have and ensure you're not wasting anything. In many cases, there are numerous areas where you can cut the fat by changing platforms, processes, or subscription services so you don’t pay for users who aren’t using them.

An audit will also give an organization valuable insight into where your money is going. If the IT department seems like a lost land, with incomprehensible systems and a language all of its own, then a proper assessment can help determine where the most effective use of dollars is and what resources are needed, being used, and being wasted.

Essentially, audits help you to understand what you actually have today and what you are going to need tomorrow. When making tough decisions during the COVID-19 crisis, this knowledge will be invaluable.

Once you have this kind of comprehensive understanding of your IT needs and current state of play, downsizing becomes far more manageable and far more effective. You will know what systems and processes are already in place that might allow you to run a skeleton crew and what you will need to keep to ensure everything continues to tick.

Providing this knowledge for your organization is where we come in. VC3 is a technology provider that will provide a full range of IT support services - including architecture and design, on‐site and remote system maintenance, advanced desktop support, onsite troubleshooting, proactive network management, and strategic technology advice.  

We start our relationship with all our clients with a full technology assessment project. We have dedicated teams in our professional services group who specialize in discovery, documentation, and solution design.  This team has extensive experience in knowledge-gathering, documentation development, and business analysis. They work with your key decision-makers, managers, and end users to build a full understanding of your organization. 

This complete analysis includes aspects like your goals, lines of business, revenue sources, key partners, internal processes, software, hardware, and licensing.  This all culminates in our Technology Roadmap - a plain English recommendation package for your company.  VC3 will present this assessment to your leadership team, answer questions, and provide next steps.

Providing reliable technology for your employees is critical to your success, but it is unlikely to be your primary focus in times of crisis.  We can take care of your core systems, so you can focus on ensuring your business continues to grow.

The goal of VC3 is to help our clients transform their businesses with disruptive technology‎.  If we can make our clients more successful and profitable, we become more successful as a result.  

Our primary focus is on enabling your staff, regardless of location, to drive efficiency through reliability, security, and stability while also identifying strong cost-effective solutions which bring value to your organization, even in these uncertain times. 

From developing a multi-year technology budget to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans, we want to stay ahead of your technology needs. 

Let's talk about how VC3 can help you AIM higher.