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Your Friend on the Help Desk – A Spotlight On Amanda

Talking to Amanda when you call the Accent Computer Solutions Help Desk is like talking to a friend. That’s because she’s not only interested in fixing the issue that’s bothering you, but in developing a relationship through the interaction.

As a Support Specialist, Amanda talks to numerous people throughout the day. The more she gets to know the people on the other end of the phone, the more she likes it.

“When a call comes in from someone you’ve talked to before, you get to know them and they get to know you,” said Amanda. “You learn from them and they learn from you. It’s work, but it’s fun too.”

Amanda’s interest in the world of IT started before she went to college. She double-majored in Cyber Security and Management at Cal State, San Bernardino. Her first job after graduation wasn’t in IT, but in Customer Service, which turned out to be the perfect stepping-stone to the customer-facing role that she fills at Accent.

“Amanda gets a lot of positive feedback about the work she does from both clients and coworkers,” said Amanda’s supervisor, Erik who is the Alpha Team Services Manager. “She has a very friendly personality, and is focused on doing quality work and making sure everyone’s happy.”

Building Skills and Knowledge While the Team Has Her Back

Responding to the flow of support requests at the Help Desk goes at a fast pace and it’s been a great learning environment for Amanda. As she builds her knowledge, she doesn’t have to worry about what she doesn’t yet know. The team has her back, and whenever she encounters obstacles, there’s someone to ask for advice.

“Sometimes I’ll get new tickets that I would normally send over to the team, but they ask me if I want to try it,” said Amanda. “I get new skills and abilities when I get to work on different situations.”

Being challenged and having the opportunity to keep learning is important to Amanda. Before she came to Accent, she worked at a company where there wasn’t any opportunity for advancement or professional growth. Not only that, she didn’t feel like they cared about anything but getting the work done.

Caring People to Get You Through a Hard Year or a Tough Day

Amanda is glad to be a part of a company where she feels like part of a family. Going through a pandemic together has really brought this home as she and her coworkers have had challenges to deal with in their personal lives as well as work. She says that people care about what you’re going through whether it’s a hard year, or a tough day.

“It’s nice to know that there are people there for you. It’s something that makes me happy and makes me want to work harder as well,” said Amanda.

Amanda has been surprised at how much employees are pushed to learn and grow at Accent. She sees this as another sign that management cares about people and that the workplace enables people to thrive both professionally and personally.

Some training involves the whole company, but there are always opportunities to pursue certifications that will move her forward on her professional development path. With two certifications under her belt and a third underway, Amanda appreciates the chance to gain knowledge that will help her in her day-to-day work and her future career.

Amanda has some advice for you if you’re considering a job at Accent.

“If IT is something you love and you love working with people, then don’t worry if you’re going to do well,” she said. “It’s not as scary as you think. You’ll be able to achieve anything, especially if you have a team.”

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