VC3 Overview

VC3 is a leading managed services provider with a focus on municipal government and mid-market businesses. We are the largest managed services provider focused on local government in the United States—and we have consistently grown our team, explored new technologies, expanded and enhanced our existing solutions, and accelerated our geographic expansion for over 25 years. 

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, VC3 forms partnerships with organizations to help them achieve their goals through the use of information technology. In addition to providing comprehensive managed IT solutions and support, VC3 offers cybersecurity, cloud services, website design, custom application development, business intelligence services, and IT in a Box—a packaged set of IT services designed for smaller municipalities. 

Our Story 

Since VC3’s beginning, we have intentionally focused on municipal government. We felt the public sector was underserved and often overlooked by IT providers. We remedied  this problem by developing long-term partnerships with municipalities, learning about their particular needs, and helping them unlock the full potential of IT. Based on client feedback, our team created reliable, secure, and powerful technology solutions with a client experience that felt like we were right down the hall. 

Over time, this focus has led to multiple offices serving over 1,800 organizations across 22 states and Canada. VC3’s commitment to supporting local government has also included long-standing relationships with the Alabama League of Municipalities, Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, Georgia Municipal Association, Iowa League of Cities, Kentucky League of Cities, North Carolina League of Municipalities, Municipal Association of South Carolinaand Tennessee Municipal League. 

The ongoing knowledge gained from these relationships and decades-long track record of successful local government and mid-market business service affords VC3 greater insight to understand your unique challenges and how we can best help your citytown, or organization achieve its goals through information technology. 

Our Mission and Values 

Our mission is to serve every city and town in the United States—with a core focus and passion to deliver technology experiences that will positively impact the daily lives of our clients. 

We adhere to seven core values: 

  1. The Service Gene: We’re all in customer service. We seek to positively impact others through our interactions. 
  2. Passion for What We Do: Our enthusiasm for technology fuels us. We embrace new challenges to help others thrive. 
  3. Own It: We have courage to do what’s right; resolve to take responsibility; and grit to cross the finish line. 
  4. Stronger as a Team: Solving complex problems requires collaboration and collective focus. We learn, strive, and win as a team. 
  5. Constant Improvement: Our desire to always make things better demands every ounce of talent, energy, and creativity. We reject the status quo, ask the right questions, and love learning. 
  6. Diligent Communication: Consistently sharing concise and valuable information is crucial. We earn trust, speak plainly, and respect others’ time. 
  7. Process Driven: We always follow our current, best-known processes until better ones are discovered and implemented to be followed by all. 

Our Culture 

Publicly recognized for our employee cultureVC3 earned a designation as a Great Place to Work-Certified™ company in 2021 and a Best Place to Work in South Carolina for 11 consecutive years. We strive to make employee engagement a top priority and it means a lot that our employees have reported a consistently positive experience with their coworkers, leaders, and roles. This engagement reflects how much VC3 cares about its employees as we strive to provide them with a workplace where their wellbeing truly matters. 

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