Managed Security

Rest Easy. Gain Confidence In Your Cybersecurity.

You know the threats are real and the consequences are costly. You’re fighting an evolving battle with limited budgets. We help you understand what’s most important to protect and how to protect it.

The result is smarter, powerful cybersecurity that moves you from fear to confidence.

The Status Quo is Too Costly

9.6 Days

Average downtime from a Ransomware attack


Average cost of a Ransomware attack

$654 Billion

Cost of data breaches last year

Cyber attacks are increasingly more sophisticated, more costly, and more frequent. Can your organization afford the consequences of being unprepared?

Powerful Cybersecurity. Simplified.

Antivirus and firewalls alone will no longer fend off modern cyberattackers. Enhance your municipality’s cybersecurity foundation with VC3’s Managed Security. Our bundled services include: 

  • Network Protect: Looks for security threats across your entire IT network, preventing attacks before they take place. 
  • Endpoint Protect: Detects malware and potential cyberattacks on endpoint devices (servers, desktops, laptops, etc.), preventing attacks before they take place. 
  • End User Assess: Provides simulated phishing tests and security awareness training to help keep employees sharp, skilled, and smart to counter cyberattackers. 
  • Email Protect: Encrypts your email, scans it for malware, and stops most phishing and spam attempts from ever reaching your employees.
  • Web Protect: Proactively blocks users from accessing websites that may cause harm to your municipality. 
  • Dark Web Detect: Scans the dark web to uncover compromised credentials shared or sold by criminals, giving you information you need to act. 

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