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Disruption Magazine Canada moves to Silicon Valley, USA


APRIL 26, 2021: Alberta, Canada - CompuVision Systems Inc. (acquired by VC3 in 2022) is proud to announce an agreement has been reached with Connection Silicon Valley (CSV) and Canadian Women’s Network (CWN), which will see the two groups take over Disruption Magazine Canada as the magazine’s new publishers. 

“This is a very exciting development,” said Ryan Vestby, CEO of CompuVision, a VC3 Company. “We created this magazine as a platform to share Canadian technology stories that would otherwise go untold. We see so much potential in disruptive technology and wanted to be a thought leader in the space to not only know what was happening as a business but also to further the technology journey of our clients as an IT service provider across North America.”

Disruption Magazine is a quarterly publication that started in 2018. At the time of launch, Disruption Magazine was disrupting its own industry, being the first Canadian magazine on Alexa for business and working with Singularity University on their event in Edmonton, Alberta, to showcase the technology talent Canada has to offer. 

Disruption Magazine covers have highlighted prominent Canadians in the technology sector and beyond, like George Strombolopolous (media personality), Michelle Romanov (ClearBanc), Tamar Huggins (multi-award-winning tech entrepreneur), Andre De Grasse (Team Canada Olympian), Amber Mac (TV personality, author) and more. 

“At some point, you know the platform you’ve provided needs to reach a wider audience for those sharing their amazing stories, including underrepresented groups like women and visible minorities, and those listening to them,” said Vestby. 

The magazine grew quickly to more than 70,000 subscribers in just three years, which piqued the interest of Joanne Fedeyko, CEO of Connection Silicon Valley, who saw the great work Disruption was doing and also saw its potential. 

Fedeyko has launched several initiatives in the Bay Area and works exclusively to connect Canadian startups and corporate executives to Silicon Valley while highlighting the best-in-class technology being developed across Canada.

“We were touched by the stories being told at Disruption Magazine Canada. As an expat Canadian, I want to give each one of them a global boost. It is time Canadian companies are recognized for the work they do in tech, from early start-ups to scale-ups and legacy businesses who embrace new technology to better their operations. We’re excited to amplify the stories coming from North of the 49th parallel and very much look forward to shining a spotlight on the good work coming from Canadians from coast to coast to coast.”

Tomorrow will mark the maiden launch of Disruption Magazine under Connection Silicon Valley and Canadian Women's Network, which will showcase expat Canadian women driving change and Canadian-based startups growing their businesses, from mental health apps to publicly traded technology companies and more. Subscribe here to get it delivered to your inbox.  

About CompuVision 
CompuVision, a VC3 Company, is an IT management and consulting company that leverages technological innovations for small, medium, and large businesses. Experience more savings, more security, and more productivity backed up by long-term strategic planning, support, and anticipation of all our clients’ needs.

About Connection Silicon Valley 
Connection Silicon Valley is an organization that helps Canadian companies collaborate, connect, innovate, and partner with Silicon Valley's world-renowned technology ecosystem. We have a variety of clients, initiatives, and programs that give us access to hundreds of start-up founders, investors, and corporate executives each year. 

About CWN 
Canadian Women’s Network is the preeminent start-up community that connects Canadian women founders with global leaders and provides connections to women leaders from around the world who want to do business with Canada. We have an online community where members receive access to our influential network of Silicon Valley mentors, investors, and world-class advisors.

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