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"VC3 has made it easier than ever before for our local government to serve our citizens by providing us with modern web tools and a team
of talented and courteous professionals.
City of Valdosta, GA
Get out of the IT trenches

Municipal Disaster Recovery Checklist

Download the guide for real-life scenarios, containing data backup lessons and a checklist to help ensure you are ready for a disaster. 

Municipal League Partnerships

VC3 is the IT partner that focuses on municipalities. We understand your budgeting cycles and critical

2023 Managed IT Services Cost & Pricing Guide

You’ve probably heard about how managed IT services saves businesses money and are wondering if that’s possible for your organization too. This guide will help walk you through different pricing strategies and costs you can expect.


Protect Fortress

A comprehensive security solution for all assets, devices, users, and network elements. 

Protect Fortress includes all the necessary core security components required to help protect an organization’s end users and networking infrastructure from falling victim to a cybersecurity breach. 

Organizations turn to VC3 for
Protect Fortress when they...

Have demanding, complex regulatory requirements
Have demanding, complex regulatory requirements
Are large and have too many cybersecurity demands for their internal IT teams
Are large and have too many cybersecurity demands for their internal IT teams
Need ongoing strategic cybersecurity guidance
Need ongoing strategic cybersecurity guidance
Need to accommodate expanding cyber insurance eligibility requirements
Need to accommodate expanding cyber insurance eligibility requirements
Need to supplement their in-house security teams
Need to supplement their in-house security teams

Understanding the Cybersecurity Landscape

Our Managed Security Services protect each area of your organization just as you would protect your home. 
Decrease your risk + increase friction for would-be attackers.
24/7 monitoring and detection of suspicious activity.
Get rapid response when crisis strikes.

Preventative Protection

  • Get Fast Deployment

    Our onboarding process enables us to understand your organization, ramp up quickly, and seamlessly integrate with your internal team.

  • Reduce Insurance Premiums

    As cyber insurance premiums rise over 80%, strengthen your cyber protection to avoid premium increases.

  • Decrease Employee Risk

    Extend your protection by equipping employees with the knowledge and tools to identify and alert you of suspicious activity.

  • Increase Network Security

    Add a preventative layer of protection to areas of your network that employees commonly use.

  • Gain Clarity and Confidence

    Enhance your cybersecurity defenses while getting clarity on practical ways to continuously improve your cybersecurity posture.

  • Protect Against Cyberattacks

    With 95% of successful attacks starting in an email, VC3's advanced multi-factor authentication (MFA) reduces the chance of cyberattacks. 

Total End User and Local Network Managed Security Suite

For organizations needing specialized strategic guidance to satisfy strict and evolving compliance frameworks, Protect Fortress offers monthly meetings with a vCISO and annual strategic cybersecurity planning.

Advanced Web Protection

Scan and screen potentially harmful web-based traffic before it ever reaches your employees. 

Leading Endpoint Detection + Response (EDR)

Get more effective monitoring and detection from EDR that leverages AI and machine learning to extend your coverage.

Security Awareness Training

Make your employees your first and best line of defense in evading cyberattacks.

Proactive Email Protection

Block potentially harmful content and malicious emails from ever reaching your employees.

Dark Web Vulnerability Scanning

Prevent security breaches and identity theft with proactive dark web monitoring for your organization and employees' personally identifiable information.

Cloud Protection

24/7/365 protection of your SaaS applications like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

Security Incident Management

24x7x365 proactive monitoring and incident response by a certified security team. 

Comprehensive Reporting

Visibility for decision makers through non-technical business-driven reports.

Network Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Get real-time analysis of network hardware-generated and application-generated security alerts.

Network Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Protect user account access for line of business applications and systems. Additional coverage options include hard-token MFA, third party application MFA, and network VPN MFA.

Monthly VCISO Services

VC3 provides a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (VCISO) to assist clients with security-related policies and overall security architecture. A VCISO will enable your organization to meet compliance regulations and maintain compliance moving forward. 

Annual Security Assessment

Assess your organization on an annual basis to evaluate your security posture against internal and external threats, compliance with laws and regulations, and adherence to cybersecurity best practices and relevant frameworks. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

We hadn’t seen anyone like VC3 before.

I was pleasantly surprised by VC3’s remote IT support and how well it served our city. We learned the hard way that we needed a vendor that helped us stay secure from ransomware and cyberattacks, update and patch everything constantly, and stay on top of IT issues. With VC3, everything is getting done. You don’t know what you’re missing if you’ve never seen it before—and we hadn’t seen anyone like VC3 before.

Captain Jeff Swain
Isle of Palms Police Department, SC

Their knowledge and timing are impeccable.


Regarding VC3’s day to day troubleshooting, their knowledge and timing are impeccable. Most of the time their IT staff can take control of our workstations and fix problems within minutes. More complex problems that require onsite staff are handled in short order. The staff is very pleasant and patient to work with each time we call. We receive calls from them to check up on us from time to time once an issue is resolved. Response time to emails and chats is almost immediate. We are very happy with our choice and feel that the service provided is well worth the monthly fee.

Jason Hall
City Manager, City of Lyons, GA

Keeping You
Protected and Prepared


Response Time + Onsite Support


By Our Security Operations Center

29 +

of Experience Evolving with the Threat Landscape

11 +

Average Client Relationship Tenure

Our approach to technology enables your organization to AIM Higher.

Lots of companies can set up your laptops or manage your infrastructure. In order to contend with today's challenges, you need more than a break-fix vendor with a "24/7" help desk ticket to nowhere. You need a proactive partner that stops the issues before they start. That's where VC3 comes in.

Flexible and Comprehensive
Managed Security Solutions

Product Comparison

Included If Selected

Protect Shield Protect Perimeter Protect Fortress Protect Select
24/7/365 Security Response Center
Web Protect - Advanced Web Protection
Endpoint Protect — Endpoint Detection & Response
Dark Web Protect — Dark Web Monitoring & Response
Email Protect — Advanced Email Security
Cloud Protect — Cloud Security & Incident Event Management
Cyber Aware - User Awareness Training
Network Protect - Network Security & Incident Event Management
Cyber Assess — Security Assessment
Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Solution
vCISO Strategy & Consultation (Quarterly for Perimeter, Monthly for Fortress)
Annual strategic Cybersecurity Planning
Protect Shield Protect Perimeter Protect Fortress Protect Select

Let's talk about how VC3 can help you AIM higher.