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5 Ways Outsourcing IT Leads to Faster Business Growth

Outsourcing to a local IT support company has become very popular with big and small businesses alike. Companies have improved efficiency and increased their bottom line using an outsourced partner.

For 30 years, we at VC3 have been working with small to mid-size businesses to create a win-win arrangement with our clients. One of the topics that comes up a lot is, “Why would I outsource my IT department?” In this article, we’ll discuss one of the benefits we see frequently: business growth.

How one company leverages IT outsourcing may not be the same as another – it varies, as will results. But read on to learn how outsourcing some or all of your IT department can help business growth.

1. Scalability of Resources and Services

In the world of business, there are years of feast and famine. Scalability is much harder with an in-house IT staff. When you need more, you hire more, and when you have to, you let people go. This process is expensive and heart-wrenching. No one wants to be the villain.

When some or all of your IT support needs are taken care of by an outsourced IT company, you can grow and scale with ease. Instead of laying someone off, your arrangement with the IT company scales back with reduced users or device counts. Your IT service company will continue to work with you, and it’s business as usual. Likewise, in times of growth, your IT provider is ready with a larger staff of experts to make sure your needs are taken care of.

Also, when important projects come up, you’ll have the resources available to handle it. They'll be able to give you a project scope, milestones, and potential date of completion. And as things arise, and they will emerge, they can keep you in the loop and on target.

2. Proactive Maintenance Keeps Everything Running

Unfortunately for many small businesses, the IT department is so busy with daily problems that proactivity and the big picture get pushed aside. With a good outsourced IT company, you'll have more resources available than you could use in a day, or even a week.

This makes it possible for them to take care of today’s issues, as well as make sure new ones don’t pop-up tomorrow. IT companies perform network checks regularly. They have sophisticated monitoring systems, giving them a keen eye for any issue(s) that might be bubbling under the surface. They also track incidents and will be aware of recurring issues. They can do what is called “proactive time” to remedy the problems before they affect production.

When systems are proactively maintained, they have fewer issues. Meaning faster business growth since technology issues aren’t holding them back.

3. Keep Your Focus on Business

How much time, on average, do you spend worrying about software or email instead of actual business? Are you concerned that your customers are missing out on a great experience because your focus is elsewhere? Outsourcing can help shift your focus from internal issues to clients.

Hand off the worry of your IT and its repetitive and time-consuming functions. Then take that time to reach out to your customers. Outsourcing will enable you to delegate company needs and redirect attention to your clients. You'll now have a chance to improve their satisfaction, garnering more sales, equaling more business growth.

4. Choosing the Right Technology While Reduce Risk

Microsoft or Apple? Dell or HP? G Suite or Office 365? To cloud or not to cloud? All those options are investments, but which is the best investment for you? And what about compliance? Do you know the regulations? How about internal risk factors? Are you protected?

An outsourced IT support company helps manage your risk. Plus, provide you with industry-wide knowledge of your best options. A great provider will have IT professionals with expertise in multiple areas on their staff. And on the off-chance they don't know the answer, they have the resources to get the answer.

The best part about it, is these experts come built in with your monthly fee. You don't have to hire someone new or call in an expert; they are already part of your team.

With their vast knowledge, they’re also able to help plan and budget for your future. You tell them your goals, and they create a strategic IT plan to get you there – all within your budget. And this isn’t just a stack of quotes for new stuff. It’s an actual roadmap you can use to make sure technology helps you crush your business goals.

5. Productivity for Your Staff

Outsourcing helps your employees stay productive by resolving any issues that they might run into throughout their workday. Imagine minimizing any daily downtime – like time spent with a slow computer or email issues – and allotting that time to production.

Your outsourced IT support team is like having an IT Google in your pocket. They’ll help with tips, tricks, and IT in general. Enabling your staff to not only complete things on time, but also be more efficient and with time to spare.

Adding an outsourced IT company to your organization is one of the best ways to grow your business. Think of it like this: it’s a team of experts built into your cost structure that can grow and scale with you, on your budget, with your needs. No training, vacation time, or benefits package required. Just a team of IT experts on your side, giving you the peace of mind to grow your business.

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